Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'd like to put some more structure and content into this blog and I'm wide open to suggestions. Whether or not you listened to me on CHOM or in any of my previous radio incarnations and you have any thoughts, ideas or criticisms, I would happily welcome them with no hurt feelings. Bring it on. I'd like this blog and anything it leads to to be as much about what you want from me as it is what I think I can give to you. (I said that to Danielle in bed last night; she rolled over and pointed at the door.)


  1. Is local TV (and/or radio) really as important as the ads say?

  2. Ted my friend (a friend cause you've in my home and car for such a long time now) I love your writting. Bird Droppings, though I am not the greatest sports' fan, was always something I made sure I heard everday (almost) on CHOM.

    As for suggestions and all, I can only say keep em comming, oh maybe hit outside the wide field of sports too, like what the hell is going on with our government, why can't they cut their salaries before raising taxes? Why is Longueuil steeling all my money in St-Bruno to build a marina on the St-Laurent? How can we attract more people into taking the bus and the metro instead of their cars... anyways, my list goes on and on and I do know that YOU are the best man to blog about it.

    By the way, CHOM just ain't the same without you my friend.

  3. Ted,
    Just keep going as if you were writing Birdroppings every day (only without the paycheck). You were usually spot-on with your commentary.


  4. You have touched on this before, but there are a few parental-related topics on which I am curious to hear your thoughts. For example:

    Quebec's movie rating system (or Quentin Tarantino chooses films for your kids)

    And on a related note: Let's bring our six year old daughter to 300...what could go wrong?

    Or, I don't remember my parents EVER taking me to (or picking me up from) my friends. About the only time they got in a car to get me was when I was in hospital...and even then they complained.

    Or, your child's teacher is a bitter, vindictive, union-protected, sack of misery who piles so many assignments on students, their spines compress with the weight of their backpacks.

    Or, your child's teacher is hot and you can't remember a thing she said about little Johnny's attention problems.

    But I digress...


  5. Agree with all. Write the same stuff you used on CHOM and as for the paycheck....I can't give you money but I can send food and wine of course!

  6. I would suggest the following,we live in a province that put on it's license plates i remember,and yet it's people clearly don't remeber it's history.We live in the most ironic province in the history of provinces.
    I miss your topical humour on the radio,I miss your team dynamic,but let your masterful wit overcome these obsticals.
    when in doubt,blame the Irish

  7. more on sports. Your take is always the best because it is well thought out.

  8. hi ted,keep doing what your doing.maybe once in a while you can throw in a revisonist history bit and we can try to be your joke translator!

  9. Another vote for revisionist history. Maybe even record it and post it as an MP3.

  10. Always enjoyed your comments on CHOM but I am not a sports fan. I particularly liked your being a Dad comments and storytelling, always worth a laugh. Someone commented that CHOM is not the same without you, I wouldn't know as I don't listen anymore.

  11. Ted keep up with the great work.As a long time fan,and fellow west islander are you not curious what Gerald Tremblay is doing with all this tax money and why he needs to increase our taxes by at least 12% while other surburbs who are part of Montreal seem to getting away with less.

  12. I have to admit that I have not been impressed with the chemistry on the morning show for a while and am not surprised that you have left to explore (hopefully) greener pastures. I do, however, regret losing Birddroppings. I am not a huge sports fan but almost always agreed with what you had to say. When you sit down and put "pen to paper", you express yourself incredibly well and I look forward to following your blog. I'd love to see you continue to look past the sports arena and blog about the things that happen in your life and in our city and province. Good luck, Ted, in wherever your path leads you.

  13. I would like to hear your point of view about radio/media. Did iPod kill the radio star?? Did the internet kill the newspaper?

    I was a loyal CHOM listener for over 20 years until about 2 weeks ago. I understand stations need to change and grow. However, I felt that the changes Astral made to their 3 anglophone stations were too many in too short of a time. Take the CHOM morning show for example. They threw Rob in there right after Terry left. He was a fish outta water for a few months but he figured it out. There was great chemistry there.
    For whatever reason, I am assuming it has to do with ratings but I don't really know, they do a major shuffle and bring Pete to mornings. In my opinion that was a mistake. Pete is a great DJ but I think he is a one man show. (BTW does Astral think we are stupid??? Chantal was doing traffic in the afternoon with Pete. So is she no "new girl". Then they moved her to Virgin with Bergman and then back to CHOM). Anyway, I felt that there was no chemistry in the morning when Pete joined. In fact I felt there were many mean spirited comments being thrown around. It could have been in jest and I just didn't get it. So for the first time in years I switched radio stations. However after about a month I really missed Ted so I switched back. I tolerated the show and felt Ted was not happy. I was sure he wasn't coming back when I turned the radio on for January 4th and he wasn't there.
    Since then I have been listening to the CBC. I guess I always thought it was old fogey radio. Either I am an old fogey or I got my information wrong. T'cha Dunlevy's article in the Gazette a few weeks ago led me to the CBC. The CBC 2 morning show is awesome. No commercials!!! No lame celebrity news!! But mostly what I really enjoy is the diverse music with a heavy Canadian content. I never thought I would stream music from the internet but Radio 2 Canadian Songwriters is pretty amazing. After all these years I am happy to learn where some of my tax dollars go and benefit from it.

  14. So far, I like what I'm reading and to be able to comments your cool articles is just a plus for me!

    Anything you feel like to podcast, write or tell is always good to me :D

    And buy flowers to Danielle if you don't want to be shown the door again ...rofl! :D

  15. I vote for Bird Droppings on a daily basis. Your sports commentaries and opinions are so bang on! I remember listening to your 'Ted Bird Sports Commentary' on the old Mix96!!!

  16. Your thoughts and commentaries on current events, continue with the sports, although only somehwat an enthousiast, I love your commentaries, parenting or lack thereof, thoughts on today's generation....these are just a few ideas....just keep writing daily, I love to read it!!


  17. Man, I need my daily dose of droppings(the best would be from an mp3 you post) an occasional revisionist would also be very good.
    What I did on my vacation, 1 minute inside the head of Kim Jong Il, Sergei K, Kovalev(last year), meeting of the habs behins closed doors, Don scary, and all those were excellent.
    You could also take advantage(but you already have) of the fact that, on the contrary as on a radio show, you can post video clips and pics you like or edit.
    thats all 4 now!

  18. I love gerbils.... MORE GERBILS!!!!

  19. A nice mix of writing, video, MP3s and photos would be great on the blog. I enjoyed all of the family stories, and I especially liked it when Danielle would get on the phone with the station - I felt like she could have a show just for herself!

    My advice to you would be to spend some time reading other blogs; one of my dailies that I go to is, ironically this woman was fired from her "day" job for having a blog, thus coining the term getting "dooce'd" which was recently an answer on a Jeopardy show.

    There are also some conferences now targeted just to bloggers, such as BlogHer in CA (I'm sure Danielle would like a shopping trip there, remember "Happy Wife = Happy Life").

    Also, bring a handheld audio recorder to register your possible stories anywhere you go ... or ask one of your kids to show you how to do this on your phone...

    Best of luck Ted, I've added you to my list of dailies to check out!

  20. Ted,

    I like what you've had to say in this blog so far. My view - keep doing what you're doing, and say whatever comes to mind. I'm liking it!

  21. Hey Ted, here is a good topic: Why are the Canadiens playing so badly? Why is Gainey still the GM? WHy did Gainey hire a loser coach like Jacques Martin from a loser team like Florida? How can they refer to Carey Price as a thoroughbred goalie when he is afraid of the puck? Are the games fixed to please the gamblers? Rick Moffat is so excited tonight, the Habs are only losing 4-2 to the Rangers, and they will be in 10th place! WOW! Great Show!

  22. A few people are asking for mp3. I think that is a good idea. Yes your blog is great but it is just not the same without your voice. The person that suggested writing, mp3 and video had a great suggestion. Let your voice be heard. Who needs the main stream media for that.


  23. humm..
    mp3 format..or maybey ted can record
    a live web cam of bird droppings and
    we can laugh with him..

    and ted,,they are auctioning off
    earl jones dorval apartment..apernently
    you can bid on a rolex or a nice set of golf clubs..
    i guess none of the victims will see any
    of thier money from this auction..


  24. Hello Ted,

    How about your views on the Patrice Cormier cheap shot on Mickael Tam on Sunday. I would really like to hear what you have to say on that!!

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Eric Colby

  25. Cormier blog coming later today.