Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The Gazette is picking up my blog. Too bad I'm out of things to say. Ah, I'll think of something. Stand by. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Great News...hope there's some cah involved.

    Forgotten after 24 four hours my hairy ass!!!!

  2. Sorry...should have been "cash"

    Now you'll have deadlines so time on boobpedia will be limited

  3. I hope Danielle doesn't ever use your computer.

    Hint...Stormy Daniels...

  4. Great News Birdman! Looking forward to it!

  5. humm Ted,
    the gazette..they think your newsworthy..
    not much in there usually..
    even the online version is thin..

    ok comment on Chom..finally they seem to be
    getting of the crappy bryan adams and tragically shit every morning at 6am..

    this morning , talking heads,our lady peace,BTO
    & Guns n roses..

    ok im not keeping my hopes up but..
    its a start.. they seem to be mixing the music
    up better..a bit of alternative,a bit of
    hard rock and some canadian bands besides
    colin james every 10 minutes or tragically shit...

    maybey theres hope yet..


  6. Let me start by POOR POOR CHOM the morning
    show will let's just say I am looking for something else.....The Gazette GREAT looking
    forward to it.

  7. Here's a topic; applying sports rules to everyday life. Imagine sending down a pain in the ass colleague to the minors or better still, trading him outright. The possibilities are endless!!

  8. ohh...oooh....I got another one. If Mike Boone can get away with insulting us Italians, you can do a column on the can says and cannot on proper ethnic stereotypes. (Did I just write that??)

    BTW My wife makes a mean pecan pie and wash that down wth a glass of my homemade wine...yummy

  9. Good stuff! The Gazette was instrumental in sharing your email address with us followers...

  10. If you want to, Ted, you might off and score my column space from the WI section (Bill Tierney used to play Rugger, so it may be a wrestle).

    I guess you inspired me.

    I'll need to talk to you about Hitler sharing his cookies though... is that book title for sale?