Monday, January 25, 2010


News item: "Martial artist-turned-actor Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson has escaped unscathed following a car crash in California."
You don't say.
The one thing I remember above all else about the 1980s TV series "The A-Team" was that no one - and I mean NO ONE - ever got hurt, at least not in any of the episodes I watched. The villains were the worst shots in the world, emptying clip after clip from their automatic assault rifles without inflicting so much as a scratch on A-Team members John "Hannibal" Smith, Templeton "Face" Peck, "Howling Mad" Murdoch and B.A. Baracus. (How's that for irony? The guy who calls himself Mr. T in real life didn't get a nickname in the show.) The bad guys were equally impervious. I remember one episode where a helicopter that was chasing the A-Team van crashed into the side of a mountain and exploded, and the guys who were inside the chopper ran out of the fireball, brushing off their clothes like they were just coming in from a dust storm.
So it was in keeping with tradition that there were no injuries when Jackson, who stars in the upcoming big screen remake of the A-Team, collided with another car driven by an elderly lady in Orange County, California. There's no immediate word on who or what caused the accident, although Jackson was already on probation for reckless driving follow a police chase in July 2008, when the former UFC champion was arrested for refusing to pull over as he was reportedly weaving in and out of traffic on a flat tire while talking on his cellphone. According to police, Jackson sideswiped at least two other vehicles, ran several red lights and sent pedestrians fleeing in terror before he finally stopped and was arrested at gunpoint. And - you guessed it - there were no injuries. In fact, it was tantamount to a perfect audition for Jackson's A-Team role, if the movie is going to be as ludicrously unrealistic as the TV series.
I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. I pity the fool who messes with Rampage Jackson!
    Kyle from Dorion

  2. Really enjoying your blog. Here's another suggestion for you, how about some Revisionist History when inspiration strikes? Maybe John would even be willing to translate for the blog...

  3. B.A stood for Bad Attitude..or Bad A** depending on which bar you were in!

  4. I also loved the inventive ways,they would knock ba out,hey fool are we in the Bahamas?,yeah we drove here,ironically he was a gunner,I pity da foo indeed

  5. I second Lizzie's suggestion for revisionist history! For the A-Team, as a kid I wartched and enjoyed it for awhile... As an adult, well when I suffer fropm insomnia sometimes there is reruns on CMT I think and not quite as crafty as I remembered it.... Face was shot in the belly once in an episode that was actually quite good.

  6. Ted,

    well mr T. usually had just a scratch
    on his arm due to a flesh wound at most..
    A-Team Remake?,,oh brother thought they gave up after starskey&hutch..and Dukes of hazzard remakes..

    as bad as it will probably be, ill check
    the A team remake anyways..

    who can resist if you like action movies.

    cant be worse than paranormal activity, that
    movie is the biggest pile af garbage..
    what a total waste..
    dont waste your money on buying it, youll just
    want to put the DVD in the garbage after 10 minutes..


  7. I despise Rampage Jackson....

    Team Rashad 4 Life !!!!!!

  8. Hi Ted,

    I love the A Team and so does Peter Griffin. So I am in great company. Murdoch reminds me of a past Quebec Prime Minister. Proof that art can imitate life.
    I was quite touched by your answers to my questions. In fact, I am quite relieved that I no longer have to seek answers to these questions and can now stop drinking 24/7 and get on with my life. Would you be my therapist?
    All joking aside I found your answers to be absolutely hilarious and refreshing. You sir, have a sense of humour incomparable to others.
    In hockey news, players are still making a crapload of money while fans are still paying a crapload of money to see them and the last I heard was that the ice at the Bell Centre is still frozen. By the way could someone tell me where I could get tickets in the reds behind the Canadiens bench for under $10? and could someone tell me when will the players be brave enough to play at an outside ring with some of the kids who worship the ground these guys walk on. As a social worker helping kids I could arrange that but I am afraid that they (the players) won't take the time to give back to these little guys. Let me know. And that's my rant. Yvan

  9. Well Yvan,

    i doubt to see the seats at 10.00 bucks..
    but maybey one day the habs will have a family
    day and charge 1/2price or something like that
    maybey free if im not dreaming..

    somthing like the expos used to do or the alouettes.. hot dogs 1 dollar..or ..something
    like that..maybey itd be nice if the canadiens
    gave something to the once a month
    some t shirts or lower prices on tickets or
    consessions for 1 game a month..

    hey i get free tickets once in a while
    and really it still costs me 50 bucks anyways

    even the groupe desjardans food..
    but its just chips and hot dogs..if you want
    pizza slice or more theres a huge line up..

    thier so cheap that at the start of the 3rd period they instantly start shutting down the
    food stands in order to prevent people from getting a 2nd 50cent hot dog..

    so unfortunatley i dont think yvan that the
    habs are going to play some outdoor game
    with the kids..

    which is unfortunate..because they have the
    power to do so..

    im with you id love to see it!!!