Sunday, January 31, 2010


Better late than never, Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke decided to add proven veteran goaltending to the combination of "pugnacity, testosterone and truculence" that he promised would the defining characteristics of the Leafs under his watch. The acquisition of former Conn Smythe Trophy winner and Stanley Cup champion Jean-Sebastien Giguere represents a huge upgrade over the decidedly pedestrian Vesa Toskala or Jonas Gustavsson, who may or may not require a triple bypass on any given day. Dion Phaneuf is a stud on the blue line, but considering that the Leafs gave up six players to get four, who's going to fill in the gaps? I say bring back Rocky Saganiuk and Walt Poddubny.

-When the Canadiens get the official prognosis on Mike Cammalleri, the best they can hope for is that their leading goal scorer's absence is measured in weeks rather than months. If it's as serious as it appeared to be when he went heavily and awkwardly into the boards in Ottawa, Cammalleri's injury will be every bit as detrimental to the Habs as the long-term loss of Andrei Markov earlier this season

-The Jarome Iginla-Sheldon Souray tilt that put the finishing touches on Iginla's Gordie Howe hat trick Saturday was a thing of beauty. Hockey fights are so much more gratifying when they involve legitimate hockey players instead of designated cementheads.

-Even before Tiger Woods retreated into a shameful if temporary obscurity, there was no disputing Roger Federer's distinction as the greatest champion of his generation. Federer's record 16th Grand Slam tennis title - a straight sets dismantling of Andy Murray at the Australian Open - was accomplished with the same combination of athletic transcendence and dignified character that separate him from the rest of the field in ANY sport.

-I didn't watch any of this year's "Hockey Day in Canada" cornball-a-thon on CBC, but I know from previous experience that a live hit with a volunteer ringette coach in Stratford, Ontario can be every bit as clumsy and uninformative as an interview with a zamboni driver in Nanaimo, BC. Ah, the ties that bind...


  1. habs down camerrelli..

    they gotta do something..
    maybey they will follow the leafs and do some shuffling/trades
    after loosing again, well at least they got 1 point vs. Ott. ,but still not good enough to be in contention for the playoffs..

    p.s, how bout the Grammys on another note
    they gave best metal performance to Judas Priest.. 20 years after they figured out that
    jethro tull wasnt Metal..but still the injustice that the award belgoned to Iron Maiden, best album yes ac-dc..or Metallica..
    cant cover up that with lady ga ga goo goo,,


  2. Cammy's injury is arguably worse than Markov's, considering timing and the fact that he's apparently the only player in the organization who can score 5-on-5.

    That Iginla/Souray tilt was sick (sick as in exceptionally entertaining).

  3. Ted,

    Could not find your blog on the gazoo website..

  4. Speculation out there, and again speculation, prepare for the worst and that Camalleri will be out for many weeks.

  5. Even if Cammalleri makes it back into the lineup good as new in the next 15 minutes sporting 4 arms and an extra set of balls it unfortunately still isn't gonna change the direction of the Habs' season.

  6. yes Ed..

    a downwards direction as usuall for the habs,
    while the Pens keep-a-rollin..