Sunday, January 24, 2010


Even Carey Price's most ardent advocates have to admit at this point that the jury is in and the verdict is unanimous: the Canadiens' best hope for making the playoffs is with Jaroslav Halak as the go-to guy in goal. What was already consensus before this weekend is now abundantly clear after Halak was stellar in back-to-back wins over the Devils and Rangers on the heels of another shaky performance by Price in Wednesday's loss to the Blues at the Bell Center, where Price was beaten twice in the first four minutes and lost the game on a soft goal in overtime. If Price needs to play to sort himself out, let him do it in Hamilton.

-I don't know how many times Jean Beliveau had to drop the gloves during his junior and NHL career or how he acquitted himself as a pugilist, but if the man can beat cancer and survive a stroke in his golden years, he presumably was able to handle himself in a hockey fight.

-The running feud between Rangers coach John Tortorella and New York Post hockey writer Larry Brooks was not revisited Saturday at the Bell Center, where there was huge potential for a typical Tortorella explosion after the Habs blew out the Broadway Blueshirts 6-0. Apparently, Brooks skipped Tortorella's post-game news conference in favor of player interviews, which was probably a good choice on his part after the way he was mocked by Tortorella two nights earlier. Both of these guys need to get over themselves.

-There was a lot to like about the way the Indianapolis Colts didn't blink despite trailing by 11 points in the AFC Championship Game against the Jets. Composure in the face of adversity is one of those intangibles that wins championships, and the Colts had it in spades.

-From a storyline perspective, it's too bad Brett Favre and the Vikings came up short against the Saints in the NFC, but I love the Super Bowl matchup. I don't even know yet what the over-under is, but take the over.

-Kelly Kulick, who became the first woman to win a title on the men's pro bowling tour Sunday, says she decided in Grade 5 that she was going to be a professional bowler. That seems awfully early to give up on your other dreams.


  1. A little early for Monday Morning Musings, but given that you're a former morning show host, I guess you are used to getting an early jump to the morning.

    Before I comment on the goalie 'controversy', I want to make clear that I think both are excellent goalies. But...

    Carey Price seems to be the better trade bait out of the two, so for that reason I think the Habs should trade Halak if one of them had to go. We tend to get a little narrow-sighted as fans in Montreal, if the other GM's would prefer Price, I think Habs should keep him.

    It is too bad we won't be seeing Favre in the Superbowl, It would have been somethin'.

  2. Aaawww thx for this sport review.....
    Hockey is life, know !

    have a great day :)

  3. hey dirrado,

    too bad about Farve, great game..yesterday
    it was the interception in the third that
    give the saints a chance..and well thats what happend.,

    dont agree so much on trading halak..
    hes very very good..i mean Price is done..
    next season will be the same performance,
    but halak will be the same also solid
    80 percent of the time.. so its a guarantee
    almost that they should keep halak.

    watched the Pens game on Sunday, my god there
    were so many penalties..
    crosby got one in the 1st period for hookig/slashing..and well on the replay i didnt
    even see any contact??
    and worse was the flyers being called for goalie interferecne..when Brent Johnson was bowled over, but the replay shows brooks
    orpick shoving the flyer player into johnson,
    and then johnson well eggagerating the fall,
    by staying on his back for a bit to make it look like it was worse than it was..and they
    flyers get called..???

    guess thats hockey..


  4. Funny you should mention Kelly Kulick winiing the PBA! I actually watched it only because the remote was under the couch across the room and yup, I was toolazy to get up! In the end I actually enjoyed it!
    Cheers Ted, keep writing!!!

    Frank G

  5. Ted Great read as usual. With regards to Tortorella, he did get a little "edgy" when someone put a big honking microphone a little to close during the post game interview. Was all set to hear him pull one of his rants surprisingly he kept it relatively calm.
    Did anyone else also happen to catch NHL's bad boy Sean Avery giving viewers the one finger salute while rubbing the side of his face?!
    Continued class this guy.

    Last but not least, Favre all you had to do was try and run for a yard maybe two!

  6. As far as Price goes, he is hopeless. Gainey calls him a thoroughbred; well maybe a horse could play goal better than price. Trade Halak? Kiss the playoffs goodbye. The numbers don't lie. Halak may have one bad game in 10, but price can barely manage 1 GOOD game in 10. But, what can you expect from a 22 year old kid, earning millions of dollars a year, his head isn't on playing, its on his next car, or the next (call) girl, the next party etc. Maybe pro athletes should be paid at the end of the season, with a bonus for better play, or a fine for lousy play.

  7. your right Ian,

    the numbers dont lie..
    Halak is the solid choice hands down,
    price is the better game next game guy..
    he never wins more than one game..
    and halak had the proof in the pudding..
    almost 70 shots on him between new jersey and
    new york rangers..and only 1 goal let in..
    Price would have easily let in 6 minimum..

    habs if they want a shot in the playoffs
    they gotta go with halak..
    and stop putting promise in price its
    his year this they did with thedore..

    they should have never traded Huet..imagine
    huet and halak 2 sold goalies..

    guess Gaineys still sleeping ...


  8. As a MMQB you suck as much as that idiot Jack Todd in the rag Gazzoo does.

  9. "If Price needs to play to sort himself out, let him do it in Hamilton."

    Waivers say hello, and even a condition stint might be somewhat pointless at this point - although I'd love to see Guy Boucher work some magic and help screw Carey's head on straight.

    But I'm down with Jaro till the POs if we make it. I'd love nothing more for him to prove all the doubters wrong.

    For the record, Tortorella is awesome. It's an italian thing.