Thursday, January 14, 2010

Putting the "OG" in BLOG

Welcome to the web version of animal drawings on cave walls. Nothing fancy here. My internet parameters to this point have been largely confined to surfing for hockey scores and pornography, so generating my own content is a work in progress. Most of what you'll find here is a random series of thoughts, opinions and ideas, occasionally explored in some depth, but more often than not abbreviated by the pressing demands of my two year old daughter. ("Daddy...poo.")

So, at the risk of repeating myself (again) for anyone who's been following me on Twitter or Facebook, here's a brief synopsis of what's gone on since I walked the radio plank:

-have received promisorry notes totalling more than $20 million from dormant accounts in Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire in exchange for personal banking data. God takes care of those who can't take care of themselves.

-considering applying for work at CBC, pending surgical procedure(s) to become a differently-abled African Canadian lesbian dwarf.

-tried to get out of laundry duty by citing "creative differences." No takers.

-threw out my shoulder emptying the dishwasher, underscoring the urgency of using newfound free time to get back in shape.

-came to the mathematical conclusion that if each of my Facebook friends and Twitter followers bought me lunch, I could eat for 15 months. (that's now up to 17 1/2 months).

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I can't get over the amount of support I've received since resigning as co-host of the morning show on CHOM January 1st. I consider this blog a pretty good test of whether there's still an audience out there for me, or if - as someone in a position of influence supposedly remarked after I left - I'll be forgotten in 48 hours. That was 264 hours ago, by the way.



  1. You will never be forgotten !
    If you are somewhere.. I will follow !

    Build up those twitter and facebook accounts and add the statistics to your resume !

    Keep the BUzz of Bird droppings going .. and the BUzz will reach the ears of the " Decision makers ! "


  2. Thrilled to be able to enjoy Bird Droppings again !
    Forgotten ? Never !
    Looking forward to more...

  3. Keep it up Ted!
    Do me a favour though? be sure to post before 6:30am my mornings just aren't the same...

  4. Good first post.
    Forgotten after 48 hours? That's a good one.

  5. I also have 2 young kids. Would you like me to call you around 3 am every day? You know, just to hold on to the glamourous aspects of your past life?

    Seriously. I know this all probably sucks, but I hope you can at least enjoy the break.

  6. Yes sir... bird dropping are back thanks a million Ted and take care of that shoulder.

  7. You're as much of a delight to read as you were to listen chance of being forgotten!

  8. Good to see you up and running again. I will keep up with you blog as loyal as I USED to listen to CHOM.



  9. Goes to show what they know. I've already added Bird Droppings to my favorites!

    As a fan who has followed you through all your stations, since the first time you were at CHOM, I am having withdrawls. I am close to your age and feel as though I've grown up with you over the years. (Ok, "grown up" is matter of opinion. :) ) Thank you for the many laughs and insights during that time.

    I am very glad to read, if not hear you and look forward to more!

    Keep up the great attitude.

    Margaret B.

  10. The Other Kate SmithJanuary 14, 2010 at 10:20 AM

    I take my FB friends seriously, I only add those whose thoughts interest me so my list is short!..admittedly some more than happen to make me laugh so I'll be following your blog, no worries.

  11. WooHoo A Blog :) What a great idea!
    Hopefully you will comment on the Habs from time to time ;)

    Long Life to the Bird Droppings on the world wide web♥♥

  12. CHOM - Still stuck in the 70s....

  13. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how strongly your audience remains connected to you no matter where you're broadcasting from.

    It's heartening to see someone so dedicated to his craft and his community that he willingly sacrifices his own career path to reinforce what's being lost. I'm not sure anyone else whose path I've crossed over the years would have the guts to do the same.

    I have no worries about your future. Conventional radio leadership, however? That's a different story.

  14. Morning drives are pretty bland.
    I have been station flipping trying to find some laughs and entertainment- no luck!! I looking forward to upcoming blogs.

  15. Switched to Salut Bonjour in the AM....I work from home....different language, different content, back to my French Québécois roots... but no fun listening the the CHOM morning show and no other station's show interests looking forward to Rob in the afternoons and to see what our Birdman will do could never be forgotten :-)

  16. Carry on Birdman, we are listning.

  17. You should PODcast your droppings, be great to hear your voice.

    Wonder whatit would take to start your own XMradio show :)

    You are missed Ted, my mornings in 2010 so far suck.

  18. Astral seems to have swept out any decent talent in the past 24 months. I cannot listen to CJAD any more, when Terry left CHOM there was a huge hole that was never really filled, and Ted, you were the anchor after Terry left CHOM, and held that morning show together. I'm sure it's all about dollars and cents in the eyes of Astral, so they keep the hacks on the air at low salaries, and get rid of real talent. You're smart and funny, with the right amount of sarcasm, and I'm sure you will find a new and better position in short order.

    Cheerio, Ian R.

  19. Great to have you up and at it Ted... working on plugging the column that I wrote on you that came out today, please check out
    ... that says a lot of the all I would say.

    I look forward to following, and commenting, on a lot of the droppings found here.

  20. keep it up with bird droppings!..

    lets hear about the habs and all the politics.,

    what about the officiating contreversey,,


  21. NO chance of your being forgotten - everyone I know has stopped listening to CHOM in the mornings since you left because it isn't even remotely funny any more.
    It'd be great if you could also set up a "Facebook Fan" page, to get your "face" even further across the internet.

  22. Birdman, it's great to be able to get you at 100%, without all the ads and Genesis!! Don't get me wrong, there's always a time and place for Genesis, just not everyday of your freaking life.

    Keep it up on the blog, great stuff, many lolol's and bahahaha's in this one.

    PCHS Class of '83

  23. Hey Ted...many fans have commented here about "out of sight but NEVER out of mind" so at the risk of being totally redundant...I will refrain from adding those two cents. However, something funny occured to me this morning on my drive in to work...aside from missing all your 'other' qualities I noticed that there seems to be a lack of Reno Depot were the voice of 13 to the dozen!! Now what???

  24. Go Ted! By the way... PODCASTING!

  25. You are one of the most talented radio personalities I have ever heard (and I am not that much younger then you), your humour is second to none!!!!! I can quess the radio station you left in Montreal is feeling the lose, but that is the past....I am sure your future will be filled with endless possibilities, enjoy your time with your family and thanks for the bird dropping blog, I had a good laugh and will visit it freguently.....all the best to you Ted Bird....oh yeah a little advice on those surgical procedures get a good doctor as we all know one wrong snip and its all overwith.....Darlene

  26. Hi Ted,

    I've been a long long time listener to morning CHOM. I especially loved you & Terri together... I found you both so entertaining and somehow - your opinion was always my opinion.

    Recently tho - I could hear something "different" in your morning voice and I suspected that you weren't a happy camper.

    Leaving must have been a very painful decision and i'm sure that your losing sleep and weight with the stress of it all - but we can't do the same thing forever - it's time for a change for you...

    I am POSITIVE (and all your peeps must agree) that there is something even better waiting for you to do. And we'll all be waiting to hear what you decide to do.

    Hang in there,

  27. can i be the wind beneath your wings bird man?

  28. Ted- I want to rock and roll ALL night, but I would also like to party EVERY day. Thoughts?
    Anyway- delighted to see the blog, and telling every CHOM listener, past, present, and, well, hopefully NOT future, about it!
    Thanks- Mary Labonte

  29. Ted - I miss hearing your voice in my kitchen every morning! It was just you and I at 5:30 am!! Now you can rock and roll all night and party every day!!!!

  30. Finally get my hit of Bird droppings...I was climbing the walls without my daily fix. Withdrawl was no fun...

  31. Yay! You're back! I really miss bird droppings.

  32. I bet you miss playing Black Betty...LOL
    miss you in the mornings but this blog is good enough for now.
    go the route of Jimmy Spencer..he just started his own podcast and it is great.

  33. Pretty good fan base Birdman,maybe some suit at another station might actually do a good job and pick you up.
    Keep up the good work,

  34. Glad you are up and running again, although I sense this will be short lived, you will be employed once again soon!!!!

  35. I know that my family and I will not forget you quickly. I always enjoyed hearing your voice in the morning and laughing along to your jokes with my dad. Everyone that I know likes you and misses hearing you on the air. If it were up to me I would give you a job in a jiffy.

  36. I have switched to listening to my IPOD every morning. I like the suggestion a Weekly Podcast. Then I can easily playback my favorites. Hopefully it can include some revisionist history. Looking forward to more blogs for now. Good Luck. - Highland Major

  37. I can put up with Pete and Chantal most mornings, but Abe Hefner's the pits. He's a schoolboy compared to you.

    As for the rest of the day, I listen to other stations because the rest of them aren't worth a tinker's damn.

    Oh, for the days of Terry and Ted, Too-Tall and Randy Renaud!

    Post on ... and they will come! Hopefully the sponsors, too - then you can blog and do an internet radio show :o)

  38. ted ,

    help us..
    i awoke to another bore-a-thon on chome
    were all sick of being tourtured by bryan adams every single morning..

    i even miss baba boey .. with stern..
    because of ted going..theres nothing left in
    montreal radio...