Friday, January 29, 2010


The Montreal Gazette has been gracious enough to add Bird Droppings to their blog community.
I'm going to try to keep that blog and this one separate, but every once in a while something I write there will end up here, and vice-versa, depending on time constraints and how up to my elbows I am in laundry, dirty dishes and screaming children.
I'm not sure about the legal ramifications of putting some of the same material on two separate blogs, but if I have to, I'm not afraid to sue myself. (That in itself would make an interesting blog. Stand by.)


  1. You could always state that you're crossposting and advertise this blog as well, as long as the Gazette is ok with it too.

    On a seperate note: Aren't you supposed to be sleeping in?

  2. Perhaps you'll give this one up? gotta make a living!

  3. Here's an article on managing multiple blogs:

  4. great Ted,,

    i can read your blog in the Gazeete when
    i do the crossword puzzle, 2 things to do now..

    as for chom..again this morning playing Bryan
    adams and the tragically shit..

    now i got a hadache trying to comprehend the
    point of over playing that garbage,,

    i shoud re program my clock radio to the Buzz
    99.9 like i have done in the car..


  5. Hi Ted,

    Now what would Toe Blake do? OK here's what you do. First you take the blog from the Gazette then transfer it to another web site and then while you are at it stop by EBay to do a little shopping (don't buy too much 'cause you don't have a full time job yet). After your tiny shopping spree is over go back to the original site where you left your Gazette blog while on the other hand making breakfast for the kids. If you cannot access the site where you left the Gazette blog then ask your youngest child to do the macarena voodoo dance around your computer so that the evil CHOM spirits are exorcised. Got me so far? Following the exorcism you can take either one of the following routes: either go outside in your boxers and lie in the snow for a bit or just send some money to Jews for Cheeses (I am Jewish so don't worry). When you have accomplished either one ahh... now I forgot what I was going to say. I hope this helps. If you need more help do not hesitate to yell out your bedroom window to get people's attention. I am pretty sure that either the police or someone else will come to your rescue. Yvan

  6. Yvan...are you sure you aren't Ted's evil twin??

  7. Luigi,

    I think that Ted and I are brothers from different mothers. Evil? Moi? Maybe. But for usre our other brother Boris (from Boris and Natasha fame) is the evil one.

  8. Hi, Ted,
    I used to do two blogs, too: one on wordpress and one on the Gazette site. I often posted the same entries on both sites -- and nobody complained (ie. nobody cared). I suppose it makes a difference if the Gazette is paying you for your blog -- there could be legal ramifications to posting the same items on both of your blogs (talk to your contact at the Gaz about it). In my case, there is no money involved: I'm doing it to raise awareness and because I am a natural-born blabbermouth.

    However, I found maintaining two blogs to be a chore, and it split my readership -- more people were reading on wordpress than on the Gazette site. So, I pointed my wordpress readers to the Gazette blog, and turned off my wordpress blog -- for now.

    All the best.

    Jillian Page