Saturday, February 13, 2010


Awfully decent of Quincy Jones to rally his closest superstar friends 'round the microphone for earthquake relief in Haiti, but let's be honest: the remake of "We Are the World" that debuted at the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics was a shameless exercise in self-indulgent puffery calculated to enhance the public image of the artists involved while assuaging whatever guilt might linger on what's left of their conscience for their exaggerated station in the human hierarchy.
If that comes off as bitter and cynical, riddle me this: where were the same artists when Haiti was already a poverty-stricken, crime-ridden shithole that consistently ranked near the bottom of the United Nations Human Development Index? It's not like Haitians couldn't have used some help before the earthquake. It's all well and good for Celine, Pink, Snoop Dogg et al to come together for earthquake relief, but like it or not, the underlying theme is tantamount to "Help Haiti rebuild its shantytowns."
Which brings is to Valentine's Day (how's that for a non-sequiter?). Just as anyone who really cares about the people in Haiti had already done their part by contributing time and/or money to established non-governmental organizations that help disadvantaged people in the Third World, the dedicated spouse/partner doesn't wait for a designated holiday to demonstrate their love and affection. Want to show your wife you love her? Forget February 14th. Surprise her with flowers on a non-descript weekday morning in November. If you've just had a spat, so much the better. If my experience is anything to go by, honest amends with a gift attached equals instant forgiveness, although the value of the gift should correspond with the nature of the transgression. (N.B. - there is no gift valuable enough to atone for infidelity. If jewelry, designer clothing, high end cars and expensive vacations can smooth over a bout of adultery, be advised you're married to a whore.)
If you want to keep your marriage dull and predictable, by all means celebrate Valentine's Day, and marvel at the irony that the one holiday of the year devoted exclusively to romance is completely devoid of spontaneity.


  1. Out of the group that performed the remake, the only artist that has donated his time and money to making Haiti a better place, that is pre-earthquake, is Wyclef Jean. Although if you go by The Smoking Gun, he has some sketchy tax issues with his Yele Haiti. Aside from that, Wyclef is always donating his time and money to make Haiti a better place especially for the kids.

  2. Haiti's a lost cause. Look at what they did to their land compared to the DR just next door. Maybe it's time to let them all fend for themselves....

  3. Sure . . . don't do anything special for your wife on Valentine's Day . . . see if she cares . . .


  4. Your blog remarks regarding Haiti are brutally honest. In a few more years Haiti will have the most modern shantytowns in the West Indies.

    I will preserve the harmony of my marriage and celebrate Valentines Day in a traditional way with my wife. I'm such a chicken shit!

  5. As i posted on my own wall, i'd prefer 180 (or even 60) days of good temperment to one feb. 14th of overly expensive, already wilting flowers. I get nothing, i expect nothing, all fine with me. I got 3 very nice gifts this year, Noah washed my whirlpool so i could have a nice bath last night, Hannah *loved me more than i love her* all day long. and Isaac ate penne pasta Friday, his first EVER foray into a pasta that "doesn't make sense" ie: not linear as spaghetti is. All 3 kids enjoyed and complimented highly the special porterhouse rosemary i made last night and reserved their most impecable table manners to boot! All THAT, beats any card, flowers or even high end cars or diamonds imo.