Saturday, February 6, 2010


I guess the NFL didn't get the memo from the programming and consulting geniuses that it's time to "skew younger." Even though only two of the original four members are still alive and both of them are in their 60's, the Who kicked big-time ass on the Super Bowl halftime show, in keeping with a recent run of classic rock Super Bowl acts including Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Tom Petty. There's a reason those performers are still relevant - it's called artistic excellence, something that's entirely foreign to de facto bureaucrats who rely on "demographic trends" when they (mistakenly) decide what the audience wants

-A New Orleans victory was the only possible happy ending to Super Bowl XLIV. The Saints have been NFL doormats for so much of their 43 year existence and the memory of what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans in 2005 is fresh enough that only the most dedicated Indianapolis fans could in good conscience have hoped for any other result.

-The Saints' onside kick to start the second half was one of the gutsiest and most inspired coaching calls in recent Super Bowl memory. Of course, if the Colts had recovered, it would have been one of the dumbest.

-Is there a bigger waste of air time than having a "panel of experts" weigh in with their pre-Super Bowl predictions on the final score? If I want random conjecture, I'll read Nostradamus or the Book of Revelations.

-Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin - why are we still even having this debate? Presumably, it's because Ovechkin hasn't won a Stanley Cup. Whatever. He's Rocket Richard with a Russian accent.

-Anybody besides me think Kelly Hrudey looked massively hung over on Hockey Night in Canada Saturday afternoon? A friend of mine who works in TV says the camera never lies if you've been out the night before, presumably because no amount of makeup can disguise puffy and sweaty.

Best Super Bowl commercial: Casual Friday.

Second best Super Bowl commercial: Punxsutawney Polamalu.

Best Super Bowl commercial ever: Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.


  1. hehe, i am so glad to be able to read between your lines,nice job Ted!! The Who brought down the house with a sync that is to be envied by much younger, and admired in those more seasoned! Who is their drummer now? He was showcased,Noah and i thought, and rightfully so. Great banging of the skins :) Who won? Kidding...but i wasn't allowed to watch it cause "i don't own the tv, reeeemember?" I still need tutoring on football anyway, so am still keeping my mouth shut. I like how you mangaged to be not only current, but gain yourself a little extra snooze for tomorrow.
    From one sleep slut to another, g'night!

  2. The party at my uncle was a blast, the saints won as I wished for, marvelous game, entertaining like football should be! :)

  3. great job from the Who..!!

    rogers still in good shape, pete coulda
    did without the inspector gadget look..
    but they rocked!! .. queen latif wasnt too
    bad or carrie underware,, but they left they way for the real show..the Who..

    crosby vs oveshkin..

    corsby gets under oveskins skin and he doesnt
    like it a bit,,,


  4. Sorry Brian, The Who (Roger) to me anyway struggled with many notes over the span of their 10 minutes.
    I realize they are no spring chickens but I think I will pull out my Who cd's whenever I need my fix.

  5. yep..WC..

    guess i was just enjoying the moment..
    he did struggle at the begining of the set..

    and yes i dont have to pull out the old lps.
    there always out..odds n sods and a quick one/sell fine with those..a the kids are alright..thats the place for the WHO..

    just praying they dont put out another
    greatest hits cd for the 4th or 5th time..

    same could be said for the stones when they did the super bowl..real good..but take
    out the love you live or hot get the
    real deal..



  6. Brian good points! Could have been worse I guess, could have had Bryan Adams!

  7. Habs News Gainey is resigning. News Conference today at 4pm.

  8. yes WC..

    its already a big story..Gainey throws in the
    towel..the radio stations are reporting maybey
    a trade after gaineys gone..

    Bryan adams..yep the half time coulda been
    worse..kid rock..he was ok but the sound was terrible that year,..

    and remember the Ramones song,,
    blitzkreig bop...except its to the words..

    HEY - HO Gaineys GOTTA go...


  9. Well at least with The Who, the only potential for a wardrobe malfunction would be some sort of adult diaper calamity.

  10. ed..

    or rogers Wig..

  11. no new blogs today..
    im going to have to take over Teds blog..
    guess he slept in..

    ps. PETER GABRIEL coming to the bell center.,
    checked out his new CD simply horrid..

    the most boringest thing ive ever heard.,
    its all slow lounge music.,

    the cd starts with David Bowies HEROES..
    and its all down hill from there..

    Bowie Will Pummel Gabriel if he ever hears it..


  12. Brian

    Was, that being the key word, a Peter Gabriel fan back when he put out some decent music. Not sure what has happened to him over the past 10 years or so, but he is off in another world if you ask me.
    Would have to pay me to go to one of his shows and feed me something to keep me awake.

  13. hey WC..

    your right i think he smoked something
    with paul simon and thinks hes lenord cohen
    today or charles aznavor..

    saw GABRIEL in 1987 and the show was amazing..

    but the new CD..youll be in missbelief..
    i downloaded it checked 5 tracks and deleted at least i dont feel robbed..but his
    fans sure are..

    it sounds like the crappy peter Criss
    last solo album..lounge cafe music..

    guess mr Criss went for a Kat nap..


  14. The Who, or what's left of them anyway, were friggin' awful. Flat notes on Vox and Guitar. Thanks to JT and Janet for ruining the Half Time Show for the next 100 years. Although the best HT show in recent memory was Prince and then, shudder to say it, The Rolling Stones. How hard can it be to get someone relevant to perform, say a Beyoncé to name one.

    As for the commercials:
    #1 is the E-trade, Wolf Style, that is the one with the Milkaholic on it.
    #2 would be the Bud Light T-Pain one
    #3 would be the Doritos Dog Collar one

    and the best ever is the Terry Tate one, I have to agree with Ted on that.

  15. hey Ron..

    yep relevant could have been better..
    i was thinking GREEN DAY coulda put some
    major energy into the half time..

    your right about the Whos sound Petes gotta
    give up that crappy guitar and go back to the
    black gibsons..

    where the heck is ted..
    i guess were taking over his blog site..
    fun to run the show ...


  16. Maybe Ted is in the doghouse after he posted a blog in The Gazoo this past Saturday!

  17. so..WC..

    lets run things untill ted gets out of the dog house..

    what will be in store for the habs tonite..
    my prediction is they will win..
    they almost always win against the odds..
    but when its florida or trashers they get hammered..

    example..they beat the pens and crosby
    never does anything when he comes to mtl..

    yet the habs will get licked by the islanders..
    go figure..


  18. Brian sorry only had a chance to get on this morning. Great call on your prediction for last night's game.
    As we use to say while playing road hockey way back when, "next goal wins"!
    Thankfully they had a 3 goal cushion that they managed to squander. But heck, playing the hottest team... hey take the 2 points and run to L.I. where you are probably right, will lay an egg!