Sunday, February 14, 2010


The festival of second-guessing that followed Canada's seventh place finish in men's hockey at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin focused in large part on the exclusion of Sidney Crosby from the Canadian roster. Team Canada decided to go with more experienced hands and leave the 19 year old Crosby at home, even though he was already establishing his credentials as an impact player at the NHL level en route to a 102 point rookie season.
If there was a lesson to be learned from Crosby's omission, it was lost on the architects of Team Canada 2010, who've decided to take a pass on Steven Stamkos, another former number one overall draft choice who didn't match Crosby's rookie numbers but is having a breakthrough sophomore season with 34 goals and 68 points in 60 games.
Impact players are impact players, regardless of age and international experience.

- It's not necessarily an Olympic harbinger, but neither does it bode well that Canada's consensus number one goaltender, Martin Brodeur, was chased by four goals on 22 shots in his final NHL game before heading to Vancouver.

- Is there anything more gratifying than seeing a dope smoking, window-smashing, balaclava-wearing anti-Olympics protestor brought down by a rubber truncheon? Democratic tradition allows for and even encourages dissent, but last time I checked, damaging public and private property and ignoring repeated police orders to disperse weren't enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

- P.K. Subban reminds me of a young Chris Chelios. No pressure, though.

- I haven't seen every goal scored in the NHL this season, but of the ones I've seen, this end-to-end effort by Florida's Stephen Weiss is the prettiest, and all the more impressive in that he undressed perennial All Star and reigning Norris Trophy holder Zdeno Chara.

- Scott Hartnell looks like Bernadette Peters without the big tits.

- Is the Daytona 500 over yet?


  1. The Habs Fubbed it over the weekend..
    its not looking good..

    crosby just keeps getting better he makes
    the plays and now is shooting more with results

    and hes 19 or so.. not even close to his peak..


  2. In keeping with the "I AM CANADIAN" opening ceremonies, it was heart-warming to see the very canadian-ish violent olympic protest. With 100-200 of the most impassioned and irate dissidents that they could muster, the protesters managed to spray paint newspaper and mail boxes and couple of cars, they swung hammers menacingly, walked with a ladder, broke 3 windows on the American-owned canadian icon: The Bay, then broke for lunch.

    Go CANADA!!!

  3. I want my Bird droppings....


  4. Subban =Chelios, eh!?

    OK, that's the most exciting comparison I've read about HABS hockey in YEARS!!

    I hope so Ted. I hope so.