Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Next time I quit my job, remind me to hold off for five months.
Could there be three worse months to be idle than January, February and March? Even if the weather starts to turn next month, all that means is that I'll be able to spend more time outside stepping in dog shit.
What was I thinking?
June 1st - now THERE'S a day to stick it to the man. I could have spent the past six weeks bicycling beside the lake, rollerblading on the Lachine and/or Soulange canal(s) and enjoying cold beverages at trendy sidewalk cafes while watching the inevitable steady parade of beautiful Montreal women pass by. I could spend the next six weeks lounging poolside at the Baie d'Urfe Aquatic Club, doing crossword puzzles and reading hardcover military history tomes in between flirting with yummy mummies and creeping out 17 year old lifeguards. I'd even have a tan, which may seem presumptuous coming from an 8th generation Irish-Scottish redhead, but when I've got the time to work on it, even I can morph from emergency room scarlet to a semblance of golden brown.
But no, I had to get all principled and walk the plank when it was morally the right time. My reward - besides the respect and admiration of colleagues who are similarly disillusioned but not crazy enough to quit - is being stuck in the house with my two year old daughter, whom I love dearly but with whom I would rather bond at Dairy Queen than over whichever stale crackers are left in the pantry.
Oh, I know I could always "embrace" winter. After all, we're hardy Canadians. We thrive in this climate. It's a big part of what makes us who we are. I bought that line of thinking right up until I was about 35, when I started to understand why people who could afford to went south for the winter. If you want to ski and snowshoe and skate, Godspeed. I envy your commitment to making the best of the worst time of the year, meteorologically speaking.
Captain Scott tried to embrace it. Look where it got him.


  1. Good one... i will finish my contract in the end of June and after reading your blog i think i'm gonna wait to find another one. But anyway its almost summer out side with 0 degrees its not so bad.

  2. hey ted,,
    you shoulda quit chom at summer time
    so you could sit at el Meson and sip and
    watch the sights go buy..
    guess you were to anxious to get a break..

    well i took ver yor blog for the past 2 days
    because i figued you slept in..

    speaking of sleeping..
    dont bother with the new Peter Gabriel its
    a total diaster..god awfull..
    i still think he had too much wine with lenord cohen before recording..
    and his version of heroes is a zero,,
    bowies gonna beat the crap outt him when
    he hears his classic buthchered..

    viva Peter Gabriel in the early days..
    Genesis live,nursery cryme ,foxtrot..
    and toss his new cd in the poubelle..
    or delete it like me..

    rock on..


  3. actually zero degrees is still along way
    from summer..

    lyne..better get a contract extension..


  4. Doing the right thing inevitably sucks no matter when you do it..which explains why not too many people do it!


    Thx for another great post Ted:)

  6. Julie..
    im siding with you..
    i absolutley hate the cold..
    its not to bad this week..but those
    -5 one day then -18 the next...i cant deal with.. guess we all long for warmth..


  7. Depends for every body; I don't mind Winter, Actually think is the best time of the year for me (I like winter sports)

    Your explorer died cause they didn't know any better back then and they were not well equip like the ones who first tried the everest climbing...Now scientist live in Antartica and the Everest is now a tourist site...Go figure.

    It's maybe just a matter of perspective you know, find something you like and go for it.
    Being with no job is not an easy thing. And since it's a sabbatical in your case, why not use that time to do stuff you like?

    Hang on, winter is almost done and people will blame the humidity of July...

    By the way, I annonced both of your web spots on my blog, Rise again Bird Man! :)

  8. Personally I do some target shooting; there is a very nice indoor gun club right next to Dorval airport. The roads are always clean in that part of town and you get to do a great activity when you want without having to stick to a schedule or wait on someone else.

    If anyone is curious about anything related to the shooting sports in Canada email me

    PS: Ted I miss your Historical Revisionism series, I imagine the HOURS of laughs if they were released on CD... But I guess those are the property of your previous employer?

  9. Journal of Captain Robert Scott, Thursday March 15: Not having any fun... keep stepping in huge piles of penguin shit

  10. well..

    as i predicted..

    habs usual against the the odds..

    flyers should be the same out come..


  11. Hi Brian,

    Appreciate your contributions, but let's try to stay on topic, please. Thanks.


  12. sorry Ted,

    but the habs always seem to be the
    topic now a days..

    perhalps you could right one..on that..

    now back to the subject of weather..
    yes its winter..but better than vancouver
    and those other provinces with -28 degrees..
    so us montrealers are not to hard done by..


  13. I love the winter.
    I couldn't live in Ireland or England (tho I tried for 8 years) because I missed the cold and the snow.
    It's what makes us Canadian, eh?

    ...and as for Scott, who brings PONIES to Antarctica? I mean, really...