Sunday, March 14, 2010


The NHL's crackdown on head shots is an earnest endeavor, but the league has to be careful not to give players a false sense of security when they're in the trolley tracks. Case in point: Canadiens winger Andrei Kostitsyn lowering the boom on Boston's Milan Lucic Saturday night at the Bell Center. Lucic was watching the play unfold behind him when he should have had his head up, and Kostitsyn - coming from directly in front of Lucic - made him pay the price. I don't believe Kostitsyn deserved a penalty on the play. It's called finishing your check.

-If Carl Edwards had done on a public highway what he did on the racetrack in Atlanta last week, he'd be in jail awaiting trial and/or a pyschiatric evaluation. Instead, NASCAR put Edwards on probation for three races. That's insane.

-Technological, personnel and rule changes make following Formula One a full-time hobby. Fully half the drivers who finished in the (revised) points at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Pix were with different teams in 2009. Brawn GP, which won both the drivers' and constructors' championships last season, doesn't even exist this year. A ban on in-race refuelling means larger fuel tanks and the re-design that entails. Whatever. As long as the cars and the women are still fast and beautiful...

-Speaking of which, I got to stand beside Cindy Sherwin and Annie DeMelt on the CTV float in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. No disrespect to my erstwhile CHOM radio colleagues, but it sure beat the shit out of standing between Too Tall and Bad Pete.

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  1. The reasons why we watch Nascar come from the same place as the reasons we watch Jerry Springer. Carl's just giving us what we want.