Sunday, March 28, 2010


I don't get as excited as I used to about major league baseball's season opener because I don't think the sport as it now exists holds a candle to its mid 20th century golden years, but one of the advantages of living in the past is that I can still appreciate Vin Scully without having to buy into the notion that Barry Bonds is baseball's legitimate home run king or the Boston Red Sox used anything other than economic clout to conquer the Curse of the Bambino.
Despite a recent fall that required hospitalization, the 82 year old Scully is gearing up for his 61st season as the voice of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers. That's the longest tenure with one team in the history of sports broadcasting. For added perspective, Scully's career with the Dodgers was already five seasons along when a young Red Fisher cut his teeth as a Montreal Canadiens beat writer the night of the Richard riot.
If you have a passion for baseball, broadcasting, history or any combination thereof, do yourself a favor and listen to the dean of sports broadcasters online on one of the Dodgers radio affiliates during any home game this season. In the meantime, enjoy some highlights of the legendary career of the great Vin Scully.

-Speaking of the Dodgers, this 1976 clip of former manager Tommy Lasorda after Dave Kingman hit three home runs vs. Los Angeles never gets old. Listener discretion is advised.

-So apparently Formula One is breathing a collective sigh of relief after an eventful Australian Grand Prix that gave 2010 considerably more promise than a "boring" season opener in Bahrain. I've been following F1 for nearly three decades but I guess I'm still not savvy enough to appreciate the subtleties, because the way I see it, as long as the cars are loud and fast and the women are beautiful, what's not to like?

-Hung with the Don Cherry movie for the first hour last night but bailed in favor of The Pacific at 9 sharp. CBC biopic vs. Spielberg-Hanks collaboration on HBO? Do the math.

-If I'm the Montreal Canadiens, I would rather eat tree bark, wear an asbestos jock and listen to Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music 24 hours a day than meet the New Jersey Devils in the playoffs.


  1. Ted,

    who says the habs are guaranteed a
    play off spot..
    and if the do play the devils..
    it wont be tree bark youll be eating..
    youll be in the outhouse...


  2. After listening to Lasorda's take on Kingman, it's easy to figure out where Allen Iverson got the inspiration for his "We're talking about Practice.." rant.