Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One of the first things you learn in rehab - whether you're in for alcohol, drugs or sex addiction - is that you can't control people, places and things, and the more you try to control, the more out of control life tends to become.
Tiger Woods must have missed that day's meeting, because he's still trying to manage the unmanageable. By choosing the Masters as the backdrop for his return to competitive golf after going into self-imposed exile to get his domestic ducks in a row, Woods is trying to insulate himself from a potential media circus and endless haranguing from the unwashed masses. The gatekeepers at Augusta are pretty particular about who they let in, and they'll do their utmost to make sure Tiger is handled with kid gloves when he plays his first 72 holes (well, golf holes, anyway) since 2009. But the PGA doesn't play every tournament at Augusta, and it's only a matter of time before Tiger has to face the public consequences of his private life.
Addiction recovery is an ongoing process that most people go through in relative anonymity, and Woods is only about three months removed from being a total pig who nailed just about anything that moved. He doesn't have the luxury of being just another recovering addict, and the downside to the kind of preferential treatment he'll receive at the Masters is that it'll give him the same sense of entitlement that inspired him to behavior that badly tarnished a seemingly unassailable legacy.
It's difficult to surrender to reality or live life on life's terms when you're in the surreal position of being able to dictate the terms. Unlike Tiger Woods, Joe Blow from Kokomo has to meet his demons head-on when he gets caught stepping out on the Missus, which is why the Blows probably have a better chance than the Woods' do of patching things up.


  1. Like I said, Tiger should have learned how to control Mr. Wiggly in rehab. Let's take bets on who will land Elin's exclusive interview...

  2. At the end of the day Tiger doesn't really have to get it. Disgusting amounts of money and fame will do that for a guy. It allows him the ability to call the shots, first in a sport, then in a golf course that not too long ago was having a cow just letting him in.
    Unless Elin beat the golfing ability out of him he's just going to go on being Tiger.
    Win a tournament or two (or the Masters) then all he has to do is flash his "I'm Tiger Woods the fucking Golf God" card and everything and everyone will once again be scrambling to get Tigerrrred.

  3. Very insightful, as usual. One of the addict's first tests is getting over the "it's all about me" attitude as it's rarely about the addict but the lies, hurt and deception that the addict inflicted on others.

    He's nowhere near making amends if he's already out there and hiding behind Augusta to boot. The last thing on his mind should be golf, which got him there in the first place. He needs a very large slice of humble pie and not the adoration of his fans. That'll only fuel his fire.

    This only proves (at least to me) that he's not focused on getting better, he's focused on being the same old Tiger.

  4. who cares..

    people will watch tiger anyways
    for whatever reason..

    people still watch Mike Tyson..
    a man convicted of rape at one time..

    so why would they treat tiger any diffrent..

    need i say more..