Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I loathe what Canadian sports television has done to NHL trade deadline day. I love the live coverage and as-it-happens reporting on major deals that could make or break a team's Stanley Cup aspirations. It's the painfully contrived way in which it's presented that bugs my white freckly caboose. I realize that having anchor men and analysts answer their cell phones live on the air as the deadline looms is supposed to give the impression of plugged-in immediacy, but to me it comes off as rude and unprofessional at best, and insultingly phoney at worst. An announcer who interrupts a broadcast to take a phone call is no less discourteous than the self-indulgent blowhard who texts or yammers away on a cellphone in a restaurant to the exclusion of the other people at his or her table. I also wonder how many of the calls are real and how many are staged for effect. Is that really Scotty Bowman talking trade scuttebutt on the other end of Pierre McGuire's Blackberry, or is McGuire asking some hapless corner store owner if he's got Robin Hood by the bag? Is Nick Kypreos actually on the line with some of his New York cronies, getting the goods on the latest Rangers deal, or is it Nick's turn to order pizza for the the gang at Sportsnet? It all adds up to a cluttered, confusing and campy package that has a tendency to alienate the audience, while information gathered OFF the air and fed to a focused anchorman whose committment is to the viewer would make for a much more polished and credible presentation. So please, keep the cell phones holstered, and spare us the theatrics. (*cell phone ring*). Hello? Yes, Pierre. Yes, as a matter of fact, my refrigerator is running. I'll do that. Bye now.


  1. well trade deadline,,

    canadiens get rid of dagostini for a
    st louis nobody,,and will probably not do
    any trades as usuall , year after year
    the habs last year and get
    george the dud laraque..and they fired him..

    but yet the pens pick up leopold...

    wake up habs..thats why i dont watch them anymore,,,

    for what? to be constantly dicouraged at
    the habs blunders year after year,,

    wish theyd make a trade that is for now..
    its the playoffs..or did they forget that..


  2. Ted ,,

    nice photo..
    is that marshmallo pete mariez with you..
    if so wheres he hiding his tragically hip


  3. OMG that pic just looks so freekin uncomfortable... hilarious.

    Loved your spot on Monday looking forward to it each week. The Commercial pokes good fun as well.. As for all the media hoopla I am with you I CANNOT STAND those clown's on TSN they actually make the country believe that the "T" stands for Toronto.

    I never watch the HABS when on English TV Pierre is one of the best at his trade and he also helps me improve my ear to French.

    Keep up the great work Ted, also love the radio commercial for the windows.

  4. You'd look better in red

  5. as predicted..

    the habs flop again this year at the trade deadline...

    Go Pens Go...


  6. You know it was a boring trade deadline day when the highlight was Joannie Rochette winning the bronze.

  7. Yvan O'FinkelsteinavitchMarch 4, 2010 at 10:27 AM

    Hi Ted,

    OMG!! That picture has got to be one of the most hilarious random non-relevant picture I have ever seen. You kill me man!!