Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Just kidding. There's nothing else, at least not until I get the first lawyer's letter, which has yet to arrive. Which reminds me - back in 1992/93, when Terry DiMonte and I crossed the street from CHOM to MIX 96, CHOM sent me a cease and desist order on the use of Don Scary, a long-running T and T spoof of Don Cherry. With the promise of legal support from MIX management, I continued to do the character and never heard anything more about it, although Don Scary went by the wayside a few years later because of another cease and desist scenario: people ceased finding it funny and desisted from listening. No sense in milking a dead cow, as some farmer probably once said.
Anyhoo, it was interesting to see and hear the feedback from the CHOM blog. I got a lot of support privately from people who are still there but can't speak their mind, lest they jeopardize their livelihood. It's gratifying that I was able to say what a lot of people in radio want to say but can't, even if it meant dynamiting every professional bridge in my wake.
Well, not every bridge. There's still the Mercier.


  1. Ted,
    Being a long time listener, it just so happened that I was laid off as well about 1 week before you left. Anyhow, I totally agree with your views on the corporate structure. The fact that human aspect means nothing anymore. Loyalty has gone the way of the dodo bird, yet we are expected to give, overtime has become the rule as opposed to the exception. The chopping block however, does not pick and choose. Execution comes quick and often with no explanation.
    Thanks for the blog Ted. As I am still looking for work, this is my daily entertainment.

    P.S.:Being unemployed during the winter months IS excruciating.

  2. Hey Ted,,

    that was great the what happend at
    chom and furthermore blog..

    well i hate getting up in the morning so i set
    my radio to chom..because i cant stand it and
    it helps me to get out of bed..

    like for example..

    this morning they were announcing a contest
    to win Slash`s guitar and anouncing his
    brand new cd...

    sounds great..but they dont even play Slash..
    instead its the tragically hip or some other
    crap like bryan adams..

    what kind of radio station announces big
    contests of and artist like slash and they
    dont even play it on the air..

    makes me want to get up and go to work..
    after hearing that crap..

    and also the comment that ACdc`s
    you shook me all night long was rocks
    greatest anthem..and i love acdc but really??

    i would have to say rock n roll all nite
    and party every day..

    rock on


  3. Give 'em hell Ted. Radio has ceased to be radio for a long time. It is now an automated dairy farm. Stay with me for the analogy: Instead of the farmer coming out with the bucket and a kindly pat on the arse these days they line them up with a couple dozen other cows and hook them up to an automated milker. Cold indifferent and impersonal. That is pretty much how I feel listening to radio today. You don't really connect with the DJ anymore. The DJ probably listens to country at home but turns on the pre-fed playlist on the computer and makes vague statements about what just played. Then come the commercials, and come, and come, and... I miss the old days of CHOM on Green when the DJ would play something they found in Dutchy's Record Cave and give you alternate cuts because the DJ found it compelling; not because Big Brother told him they are supposed to be the next big thing and several promotional tie-ins are already built around the pre-fab artist. Henry Ford would be proud of the efficiency of it all but it just leaves me numb.

  4. Tell ya one think right now, Don Scary lives.... in my house. Drives me kids nuts when I won't stop calling them Delmonico.

  5. There is one thing about people that burns me, when they reach the point of believing they are almighty and look down to evrybody as we are all stupid... Chom has been my favorite station for years, while you and Terry were at hte helm with content and humour as well as true to your beliefs and instinct of a professionnal broadcaster.
    Raise your colors and fire back with your best cannon crew!! Your voice being back on the air, Birdman will live even if CHOM disagree...
    Can't wait for the first broadcast on the 19th of April....

  6. Congratz Ted. I have known Lance for many years now. He's good people!