Saturday, April 3, 2010


Got a note from my friend Stuart Morrison with a link to his pictures from Sepang, site of this weekend's Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix. Stuart is communications and public relations director for TW Steel watches, the official time piece for the Renault F1 team.
Stuart already attended the F1 season opener in Bahrain, and the lucky sod has Monte Carlo on his agenda for later in the spring. I'm trying to pitch him on a TW Steel-sponsored promotion to "Win a Trip to the Monaco Grand Prix with a Marginally Renowned Unemployed Former Radio Announcer," but so far he hasn't returned my calls.


  1. I was lucky to work as a pit marshal for the Montreal Grand-prix for 8 years ('92-98, '01), and many of photos I took back then look very similar to Mr Morrison's. Brings back good memories. Unfortunately, all my photos are on 35mm, no digital then... By the way, photo of you with your baby daughter is beautiful (I have two kids).

  2. Ted,

    I can understand the attraction of going to an F1 race because of the glamor factor, especially in Monaco, but the racing itself has degenerated into a tedious parade of $1 million glorified go-karts. Melbourne was interesting but only because of the effect of the weather. In fact, some people are calling for artificial rain to be added as an integral part of each race to make them even remotely palatable.
    I would much rather watch five NASCAR races in a row before I would watch a single F1 race.
    Where are Jacques Villeneuve and Paul Tracy and Juan Montoya when you need them?