Monday, April 26, 2010


For as long as they're both playing, the debate is on over whether Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin is the greatest hockey player of their generation. It's the Gordie Howe-Rocket Richard and Wayne Gretzky-Mario Lemieux debate of earlier generations. I've always leaned towards Ovechkin for sheer entertainment value, but there's no denying that at this point, it's advantage Crosby - 14 points in a six game, opening round playoff win over Ottawa and poise and maturity beyond his years, while Ovechkin blows hot and cold for Washington and occasionally lets his enthusiasm degenerate into adolescent petulance. There's also the matter of Crosby's Olympic gold medal and Stanley Cup ring, while the best Ovechkin can boast is a world championship, which is hockey's version of Miss Congeniality...If yesterday's Aaron's 499 had been the Daytona 500, it would go down in NASCAR lore as one of the sport's most electrifying and unforgettable races. It might anyway...Kudos to the NFL for suspending Ben Roethlisberger. Even though he hasn't been formally charged with sexual assault, the Pittsburgh quarterback's personal conduct has brought the league into disrepute, and suspending him sends a strong and necessary message...I'm still new to Kahnawake and native culture, so I'm not sure why it's de rigeur to claim Cherokee ancestry, a la NFL number one draft pick Sam Bradford, who joins Kevin Costner, Chuck Norris, Jimi Hendrix and the Jonas Brothers among self-identified Cherokee descendants. Nothing against the Cherokee, but knowing where my bread is buttered, I'd be more inclined to align myself with the Mohawk nation, or at least as aligned as a pale, freckly guy from Beaconsfield can be.

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