Friday, April 16, 2010


...maybe I won't get my hair cut Mohawk style when I sign on the K103 morning show in Kahnawake Monday with Java Jacobs and Paul Graif. I mean, aside from the fact that Josie Gold's photoshopped projection of the end product looks like a promo poster for a remake of My Favorite Martian, it's really not my place to adopt a time-honored Mohawk cultural symbol on my own initiative. Call it a sincere but misguided notion aimed at embracing the community, when the right thing to do is wait for the community to embrace me after I've earned their trust and respect.
Jeezuz H. That was a close call.


  1. Now, that is scary! You do well to rethink that one indeed!

  2. Damn straight ... Knew you were a bird didn't know that bird was chicken.

    An anonymous Frog.

  3. pls skip the haircut!

  4. Thanks for the photoshop projection, sometimes instinct does wonder...

  5. love the look lol not.....

    Hey are they planning on boosting the stations signal???

    On my drive in a lot of static and at one point was being cut into by another station. With you there their listening range is going to expand so they may want to think about boosting the signal.

    Great to hear you again on the radio this morning all be it through some static lol....

  6. ROFL You did it! Nice video on K103.7
    Long live the radio man! :D