Monday, May 17, 2010


Even though they're only one game into their third round series with the Flyers, Game 2 tomorrow night in Philadelphia represents the stiffest test of the Canadiens' character so far in the 2010 playoffs. They faced elimination five times against Washington and Pittsburgh combined, but in the relatively pressure-free role of the underdog. More was expected of them than they delivered last night in Philly - MUCH more - and Game 2 will go a long way towards revealing the state of their long-term resolve...Scott Hartnell is one surgical procedure away from a long and successful post-hockey career as the bearded lady in a travelling carnival...Memo to US hockey announcers: it's not the cage - it's the net, and it's not the rubber - it's the puck. Always has been, always will be...For someone who's supposedly a crybaby, Sidney Crosby carries himself with more poise and dignity than people his age or older who celebrate second round playoff wins by damaging public and private property after exceeding their capacity for handling liquor. I'll take Crosby on my team - and as a role model - any day...Nearly one-third of the way into the Formula One season, and whither Michael Schumacher? Still no podiums in his 2010 comeback, and while 22 points in six races might be respectable among the perennial also-rans, it doesn't pass muster for a seven-time world champion. It's still early, but sometimes a legacy of success is best left alone.

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