Tuesday, May 4, 2010


On the heels of my piling-on tirade about radio stations opting for syndicated programming over creating opportunities for local broadcasters, Virgin in Montreal is apparently dumping Ryan Seacrest and hiring an honest-to-goodness, warm body to do evenings and weekends. Kudos to program director Mark Bergman for "getting it." It took a guy who spent years on the air to understand that it takes someone who lives in Montreal to connect with someone listening in Montreal. Go figure.


  1. they should have dumped

    seacrest along time aga..

    like casey casems lame top 100 count
    down...just lame radio..


  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "We've all had just about enough of Mr. Seacrest!"

    Now if you want to address the "local connects with local" issue, here's a question: Why the change to global Virgin Radio?
    What purpose did THAT serve? Mix 96 was a local brand all its own and the decision was made to move over to a globally recognizeable brand.
    All the money spent on re-marketing, all the hype - I wonder if it made any difference.

  3. Yes, but they are still forcing said new evening host to play the same corporate pre-made play list as Ryan Seacrest was playing.

    Where's the craft?