Wednesday, May 5, 2010


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There aren't a lot of places where you can find a small town flavor in the shadow of the big city. Kahnawake is one of those places.
Where else can you take a guy's $100,000 SUV for a ride ten minutes after you meet him for the first time? And where else can that same guy go on the local radio station and ask you over the air to bring back his truck?
I didn't mean to panic Derek White when my son Charlie and I accepted Derek's offer to take his Cadillac Escalade EXT for a spin, and then disappeared for the better part of an hour. Charlie's only 8, but he's already forgotten more about cars than most people will ever know, so when he sauntered up to the truck and asked whether it had a V8 or a V10, Derek had to know that we wouldn't just be driving it from K103 to the Legion and back. This would require a highway test.
I didn't hear the on-air appeal to return the vehicle, because we had stopped by Central Station Customs to say hi to Donald Mohawkboom Phillips (and the rest of the crew including Julie Simpson and Skyler Taylor) and thank him for sponsoring this blog. Naturally, Charlie had to check out the behind-the-scenes action and talk shop with Skyler, who gave us a demonstration of the sound system in his pimped-up Mistubishi Lancer.
Then when it was time to leave, I picked up the wrong set of keys and set off the alarm in the Escalade, attracting a bemused crowd of onlookers wondering who the whitey was trying to steal Derek's truck. There was that small town thing again - everyone knew whose truck it was, but they also seemed to know that the bumbler trying to shut off the alarm was the new guy at the local radio station. Even if they didn't recognize me, it was self-evident that I was not a professional car thief. Anyway, Derek, thanks for coming by and introducing yourself, and thanks for the joyride.
It's only a 10 minute drive from downtown Montreal to midtown Kahnawake, but there's a world of difference between the easygoing small town disposition and the guarded mentality of the big city. I love that anyone, anytime can drop by the radio station, come up the back stairs and pop their head in to say hello without having to call ahead and then report to a security guard when they arrive.
Somebody tell the guy with the Lamborghini that he's more than welcome to pop by the next time Charlie has a ped day and comes to work with his Dad. We promise not to take it across the (Mexican) border.

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