Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, that was a fun and surprisingly productive playoff run for the Canadiens, and there's definitely something to be said for getting to the Stanley Cup semifinals in a 30 team league, but that doesn't excuse showing up only twice in five games against Philadelphia. As upstarts themselves, the Canadiens of all people should have known that there are no free passes in the post-season, but after upsetting top-ranked Washington and defending league champion Pittsburgh, they looked unmotivated and unprepared against the seventh seeded Flyers. The other lesson learned is that speed doesn't kill as much as size matters...After losing track of the play last night for the umpteenth time in the series, Hockey Night in Canada's Bob Cole actually said "Wait a minute." I've waited 30 years for CBC to pull the plug on Cole. What's another minute?...At the risk of jumping to conclusions, do you like Antti Niemi or Jonathan Toews for the Conn Smythe Trophy after Chicago wins the Stanley Cup?...It's official: Steve Nash now looks more like a boxer than he does a basketball player...Is there still baseball?....Leave it to a woman to bring emotional honesty to the sporting arena. The next time a macho male athlete claims he can block out taunts from the crowd, remember what Danica Patrick said after she was booed during qualifying for the Indianapolis 500 (and I quote), "That hurt my feelings." All athletes have feelings. Props to Patrick for dealing with them in a more forthright manner than, say, the Hanson brothers.

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  1. looks like the habs were caught
    with thier Fly-ers down..!!!

    halak and price have been hired
    security for the foot locker store...

    serge savard can be found at the SaQ...