Monday, May 3, 2010


In an era when rolling four lines is standard practice among NHL teams - or at least among the ones that go deep into the playoffs - Canadiens coach Jacques Martin bucked the trend yesterday by benching Ben Maxwell, Mathieu Darche and Andrei Kostityn for almost the entire game after they were on the ice when Pittsburgh opened the scoring in the fifth minute of the first period. Nowithstanding the other standard practice of sticking with a winning lineup, don't be surprised to see Glen Metropolit and/or Sergei Kosyiotsyn back in uniform tomorrow night at the Bell Center...Either I'm becoming more tolerant or Hockey Night in Canada blowhard Bob Cole is becoming more competent, because not once did I change the channel in disgust and watch yesterday's game on RDS instead of CBC. Cole trotted out the usual cliches and was, as always, the master of stating the obvious, but he didn't make any glaring errors and seemed to be generally aware of his surroundings...The fact that he's pushing 80 helps explain Cole's borderline dementia. What's 43 year old NBC analyst Ed Olczyk's excuse for saying Philadelphia goalie Brian Boucher was "tremendously tremendous" Saturday? That's the baddest worst announcing I've heard all season...I don't know from playing the trumpet, but I'm pretty sure the guy who did the Call to the Post at Saturday's Kentucky Derby was lip-synching, because his fingers didn't move on the valves. That might not be Milli Vanilli or Britney Spears scandalous, but it's at the very least marginally disillusioning...Meanwhile, not sure what that pentagram design on winning jockey Calvin Borel's silks was supposed to represent, but my K103 morning show partner, Java Jacobs, thinks it's got something to do with the Freemasons, and that everything unfolding according to plan.


  1. This so far for me anyway looks a lot like the H
    HABS run in the 93 Cup Final

  2. Oh, I didn't know Bob Cole was pushing 80...all I know is that he annoys me, so I watch RDS 95% of the time. I like the guys & the commentary.
    Good blog!

  3. Bob Cole Hmmm. I went back & forth but watched mostly on RDS. Someone has to tell Bob that Hamerlik is #44 not Plekanic. Hockey coverage on CBC has declined to a great extent and cannot compare with coverage on either RDS or TSN

  4. No doubt Cole is annoying...even when the Habs lead they are "barely hanging on". Oh for the days of Gallivan and Irvin.