Monday, May 10, 2010


Comparisons between Chris Chelios and P.K. Subban are at least as undeniable as they are unfair. Both are former second round draft picks, right-handed shots, and strong skaters who move the puck well and don't shy away from a scrum. Like Subban, Chelios had his coming out party in the playoffs as a rookie during the Canadiens surprising run to the Stanley Cup semifinals in 1984. It's a lofty comparison, but look at it this way: if Subban's career is half as productive as that of Chelios, he'll play a dozen seasons, win a Norris Trophy or two and hoist the Stanley Cup at least once...The Montreal Impact's confirmation as a Major League Soccer expansion franchise in 2012 is the culmination of a great local success story. Too bad the Saputos didn't buy the Expos...On the other hand, if history is any guide, the 12, 265 fans who braved a cold, driving rain to watch the Impact beat Minnesota Saturday are about five thousand more than would have shown up under similar conditions for an Expos game...The rape allegations added to Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor's already-voluminous rap sheet are only the latest reminder that athletic greatness and weakness of character are not mutually exclusive. Taylor is giving O.J. Simpson and Mike Tyson a run for their money among fallen idols...Instead of tasering spectators who run onto the field at sporting events, how about subcontracting security to professional cowboys who could lasso and hog-tie the interlopers? It's less injurious than electric shock and the rest of the fans would get a little rodeo with their ballgame...It's a testament to Formula One's safety standards that Lewis Hamilton was able to walk away after one of his tires shredded at 200 plus kilometers an hour during yesterday's Spanish Grand Prix. Try blowing a tire at 200k in the Whiskey Trench. That's a rhetorical comment, not a recommendation.

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