Thursday, May 20, 2010


Losing back-to-back games wasn't the most humiliating part of the Canadiens' foray into Philadelphia this week. Neither was their failure to score in either game the ultimate indignity. What cut the deepest was the effrontery of Flyers fans when they broke into the "Ole Ole" song that's become a signature celebration at the Bell Center. Not that the "Ole" business is a Montreal-inspired phenomenon. Canadiens fans co-opted it from soccer supporters, who had already borrowed the basic premise from bullfighting and flamenco dancing. But around the NHL, it's definitely a Montreal thing, and the Wachovia Center cover version was open mockery at its worst - or at its finest, depending on your perspective. "Well-played," as Java and K103's Nick Fury would put it, and there's really no comeback for it, short of trashing a visiting Philadelphia journalist's car or pouring beer on the Flyers' broadcast crew. There's also dressing up like the late Kate Smith and singing God Bless America whenever the Flyers get a penalty, but I tried that at home by myself during Game 2 and it felt as disrespectful as it was marginally arousing. So, Ole Ole it is, and to hell with Philadelphia fans. Let them steal their own chant, or go back to throwing snowballs at Santa Claus during Eagles games and booing bad landings at the airport.


  1. Cripes- I thought that's what I was hearing on the TV!

  2. I hope you didn't ruin your wife's Prada shoes dressing up as Kate Smith. And did the dog howl as you sang?