Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here's everything you need to know about the Order of Canada: pioneering abortionist Dr. Henry Morgentaler has one, iconic hockey commentator Don Cherry does not. When Cherry was passed over again last week for the country's highest civilian honor, it did nothing more than reinforce the notion of the Order of Canada as a glorified Boy Scout merit badge for political correctness. Love him or hate him, Cherry is a national institution whose supporters far outnumber his detractors. He's an unabashed Canadian patriot, champion of the underappreciated Canadian Armed Forces and vocal proponent of evolutionary and revolutionary rule changes to make hockey a safer sport. But he also openly admits that he likes a good hockey fight and prefers Canadian players over Europeans, and that's where Cherry apparently fails to meet the Order of Canada criteria. You can spin abortion into a women's rights issue but there's no politically correct interpretation for favoring the traditional smashmouth Canadian style of hockey, unless you happen to be a differently-abled transgender lesbian dwarf. Order of Canada, indeed. They can pass the thing out like after-dinner mints, but when the most popular and recognizable Canadian in the land doesn't get one, that pretty much renders the rest of them meaningless.


  1. Cherry? He is not a true Canadian, he is always bashing francophones and Quebec... A true Candian will embrasse the diversity of the land and the people who tries to make home a better place. If he was respecting all Canadians, I would give mtself the medal.

    Also, a medal given under politics and lobying is not a good medal, it's a pat on th back for the happy few wihtin the happy few.

  2. Good for the abortion doctor.

  3. don't agree Ted...love or hate him, he's been pretty harsh on the french & Quebec.

    he doesn't deserve it IMO.