Monday, June 7, 2010


It's no coincidence that the Philadelphia Flyers were badly mauled on a night when their three best players in the 2010 post-season collectively had their worst night of the playoffs. Michael Leighton got the hook after giving up three goals on just 13 shots in the first period, and Chris Pronger and Claude Giroux were a combined minus 9, including a minus 5 for Pronger, who was also in the penalty box for one of two Chicago power play goals. Hey, everybody is off their game once in a while, but to see their three playoff MVPs all go south under such crucial circumstances doesn't exactly inspire confidence, with no wiggle room left heading back to Philadelphia...Is four kitchen stools the best remote set design TSN could come up for its NHL hockey panel in Chicago? If they were sitting any closer together, Pierre McGuire would be on Bob McKenzie's lap, and nobody wants to see that...It's fitting that longtime Alouettes centre Brian Chiu is retiring as a champion, because he is by all accounts a standup guy and professionalism personified on and off the field. As a seven-time CFL All Star, Chiu is also a first ballot lock for the Canadian Football Hall of Fame...In a move supposedly designed to promote sportsmanship and foster self-esteem, an Ottawa youth soccer league has announced a new rule stating that any team that wins a game by more than five goals will actually lose by default. At first glance, it seems like political correctness run amok, but in reality, a rule penalizing success serves as a useful primer for a lifetime of paying into the Canadian income tax system, under which the more money you make, the less you take home.

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