Friday, July 23, 2010


Even if he never plays a down of professional football, Colt McCoy will go down in NFL history as having the best name EVER for a quarterback, not to mention a sherriff, a rodeo rider and a would-be matinee idol. McCoy has signed a four year contract with the Cleveland Browns after being drafted out of Texas. Where else would a guy named Colt McCoy come from, and what position would he play other than quarterback? Speed positions are reserved for LaDainians and DeSeans and the line of scrimmage is the domain of Bubbas and Flozells, but Colt McCoy is as good a name for a quarterback as Bubby Brister was a bad one, although for a guy named after a Jewish grandmother, Brister had a pretty good run - 15 seasons split between five NFL teams, and as bad names for pro athletes go, he was marginally better off than St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols, retired NFL player Harry Colon, former NHL goalie Ron Tugnutt, and race car driver Dick Trickle. Unlike Colt McCoy, none of those guys has a handle that makes a seamless transition to the big screen if they decide to take up acting - although I think I might have once rented a movie with Harry Colon and Dick Trickle from the room behind the curtain in the back of the video store. I'm Ted (and glad my parents didn't name me Harry ) Bird.

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