Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MONDAY MORNING MUSINGS (Yeah, I know, it's Tuesday - I had Monday off)

In a time and a town where winning can afford to play second fiddle to the bottom line, outgoing Canadiens president Pierre Boivin's tenure will go into the books as a resounding success. When Boivin succeeded Ronald Corey in 1999, the Canadiens were mired in mediocrity, both as a hockey team and a business concern. They still blow hot and cold on the ice, but under Boivin's watch the marketing end of the operation has boomed, and he'll hand over the keys to a money-making machine that's firing on all cylinders when he gives way to Geoff Molson at the end of next season...Kahnawake's Dexter Stacey and Derek White made up in moxie what they lacked in momentum at the Canadian Tire NASCAR race in St. Eustache. Dexter didn't quit until his car quit on him and Derek went the distance despite engine and transmission problems. That kind of resolve will stand both racers in good stead when they get their mechanical issues sorted out...In the ultimate good news/bad news scenario, neither Argentine coach Diego Maradonna nor Paraguayan lingerie model Larissa Riquelme will be forced to make good on a promise to run naked through the streets of their respective national capitals if their team won the World Cup. On a consolatory note, soft-core content of Riquelme is as plentiful on the Internet as semi-nude photos of Maradonna are rare...In the spirit of generosity and freedom of choice, I've decided to arbitrarily double the number of men who should be legally allowed to wear Capri pants, from Rafael Nadal to Rafael Nadal and the guy on the horse in the Old Spice commercial.

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