Monday, July 26, 2010


The supposedly bittersweet spectacle of Andre Dawson going into the baseball Hall of Fame as an Expo is a lot more bitter than it is sweet for Montreal baseball fans. The chronic lamenting six years after the demise of the franchise can be a bit tiring, but it's also a measure of how badly a loyal fan base was betrayed by the deliberate sabotage and subterfuge of Claude Brochu, Jeffrey Loria and Bud Selig.. Meanwhile, if it's any consolation, two Expo Hall of Famers represent two more than the Blue Jays have had inducted in their 34 years-and-counting existence...Talk about living in big brother's shadow: the defending Grey Cup champion Alouettes win their home opener in front of a 96th consecutive sellout crowd that included an additional five thousand fans at the newly-expanded Molson Stadium, and more people are still talking about Jaroslav Halak, whom the Canadiens traded five-and-a-half weeks ago. Anyone who didn't know any better would think it was the Habs and not the Als who've given the city two championship parades in the last eight years...If John Daly had a younger, bespectacled Swedish half-brother who also played professional golf, it would be 2010 Canadian Open winner Carl Pettersson, whose blond hair and roly-poly physique make him a dead ringer for Daly. Despite his substantial girth, Pettersson's online PGA profile lists him at 195, apparently heralding the beginning of golf's transition to the metric system.

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  1. What is this thing called "Base-Ball?", said with a Pepé Le Pew accent.