Monday, August 23, 2010


As Anthony Calvillo goes, so go the Alouettes. It has even been thus since Calvilllo became the Als starting quarterback 13 seasons ago, and their chances of successfully defending their Grey Cup title this year hinge on the long-term prognosis on a bruised sternum that was so debilitating in the short-term Cavillo had to be transported off the field on a cart last Thursday and taken to hospital by ambulance. Calvillo has only missed six games in his entire Alouettes career, and five of those were in 2007, when the Als went 8-10 and lost in the first round of the playoffs with Marcus Brady under center. With all due respect to current second and third string quarterbacks Adrian MacPherson and Chris Leak, in the existing Alouettes scheme, they're caretakers, not difference makers...As if he didn't already have enough detractors among Canadiens fans, Carey Price can now look forward to being regularly booed by animal rights activists for his off-season rodeo pursuits...The term "living legend" is tossed around a little too liberally in sports, but it definitely applies to Baseball Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully, who announced this weekend that he'll be returning next year for his 62nd season as the voice of the Dodgers. To give Scully's longevity added perspective, he called his first Dodgers game five years before Red Fisher started covering the Canadiens...The much-anticipated World Hockey Summit opens today in Toronto, where security is expected to be a far cry from the virtual lockdown that accompanied the G20 summit in the Ontario capitol earlier this summer. Seems anarchists and other counterculture riff raff are more antagonized by bank bailouts and fossil fuel subsidization than they are by overtime shootouts and no-touch icing. Still, it never hurts to turn the water cannon on any gathering of 10 or more people in Leafs jerseys, just to be on the safe side.

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