Wednesday, August 11, 2010


As someone who pays more attention to Formula One than he does to NASCAR, it took me a minute and a couple of paragraphs to realize that Kasey Kahne's impending move to Red Bull Racing doesn't mean he's jumping to F1. Red Bull sponsors two cars in the Sprint Cup series and Kahne is switching TEAMS next season, not circuits. In fact, the driver traffic between NASCAR and Formula One is decidedly one-way. One-time open wheel phenom Juan Pablo Montoya won this past weekend's Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen, New York, where fellow former F1 drivers Scott Speed, Jacques Villeneuve and Nelson Piquet Jr. also competed - the latter two in the Nationwide Series event. It taxes my memory, patience and Googling powers beyond their limited capacities to come up with a single prominent NASCAR driver who's ever made the move to Formula 1, which is why I was momentarily puzzled and excited by the notion of someone of Kahne's calibre and repute forsaking the good ole boys to hobnob with the Eurotrash. I'm not saying it's an easier transition from F1 to NASCAR. That's a debate for the drivers themselves. Suffice to say they are two significantly different disciplines in two profoundly different milieus, and if you doubt that for even a minute, try finding a set of souvineer Ferarri cufflinks at Talladega or a decent pulled pork sandwich in Monaco.

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