Monday, September 13, 2010


Week 1 of the NFL season set up some interesting scenarios for Week 2, not least of which is a full-on quarterback controversy in Philadelphia, where Michael Vick was outstanding in relief of the injured Kevin Kolb and will certainly be the consensus choice of Eagles fans and media next Sunday, whether or not Kolb is ready to play. The Manning brothers are coming off mixed results ahead of a Sunday night meeting at the Meadowlands, where Eli was less statistically impressive in the Giants win over Carolina than Peyton was in the Colts' loss to Texas. And will Dallas owner/general manager Jerry Jones be able to resist the panic button after a crushing season-opening loss to the lowly Redskins? How Wade Phillips has lasted this long as Cowboys head coach is worthy of an entire episode of Unsolved Mysteries...Sometimes, neither the car nor the driver is the determining factor in Formula One. Team strategy and execution won yesterday's Italian Grand Prix for Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who was classy enough to acknowledge that the race was won in the pits...With NHL training camp around the corner, I've been steeling myself for Hockey Night in Canada windbag Bob Cole's first broadcast of the season by listening to tapes of my dog barking for three consecutive hours...And what in the world motivated the Tiger Cats cheeleaders to run onto the field during a bench-clearing brawl in the Alouettes game in Hamilton Saturday? The only missing elements were the Montreal cheerleaders and an industrial cauldron full of lemon jello.

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