Monday, September 27, 2010


As stories of redemption go, it's tough to beat the one being authored by Michael Vick. From three-time Pro Bowl selection to hard time in prison to lighting up the NFL a second time around, Vick has proven himself on and off the football field as a remarkably gifted athlete and a rehabilitated citizen...The Pittsburgh Steelers probably didn't envision themselves being 3-0 in the absence of starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who's serving a season-opening four game suspension for personal misconduct, but there's little probability that Roethlisberger will have to win his job back. With all due respect to veteran Charlie Batch and the job he's done stepping into the breech, Roethlisberger versus Batch is not exactly a Kevin Kolb-Michael Vick dilemma....Call it semantics, but while the respective performances of Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak will ultimately determine whether the Canadiens traded the wrong goaltender when they dealt Halak to St. Louis, the trade itself has to be judged on how the two players they received in return for Halak pan out for the Canadiens, and it's going to take at least a couple of seasons to take the measure of Lars Eller and Ian Schultz...Meanwhile, I'm paying a homeless guy a retainer to hold my place in line at Fairview for next summer's Alex Auld autograph session after Auld replaces Price, takes the Canadiens to the Stanley Cup semifinals and then gets traded to Columbus.

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  1. Well said Ted. To all those still sputtering with outrage about Vick, he did pay his debt for his brutal crimes. And promise that you are at least equally (if not more) outraged at all the guys who hit their wives or kill people while driving drunk who get basically a free pass from the league and from society in general.