Monday, September 20, 2010


Leave it to Pat Burns to do a Monty Python skit in the shadow of the Grim Reaper. The three-time NHL coach of the year's "I'm not dead yet" pronouncement after premature reports of his demise went viral last Friday was typical of his unfailing good humour in the face of adversity. Burns was at the Metro store in Magog buying steaks for a family barbecue when he first heard he'd died, and accepted mock condolences from longtime friends and acquaintances, including the irrepressible Robin Burns, who called his cousin's cell phone and asked Pat whether he was in the bread aisle or the dead aisle. Morbid? Perhaps, but it's an Irish thing...Not to question Anthony Calvillo's status as the Alouettes starting quarterback and undisputed leader, but if I'm Adrian MacPherson coming off a strong performance in Calvillo's absence last week, I'm wondering why I'm not getting more playing time yesterday with the game well in hand and Calvillo coming off a pretty serious injury...The Colts' 38-14 win over the Giants in last night's meeting of the Manning brothers had less to do with Peyton outduelling Eli than it did with New York's Tom Coughlin being outcoached by Jim Caldwell of Indianapolis...Based on the consensus that female reporters have a right to be in men's locker rooms and Aztec TV's Inez Sainz should be allowed to wear her working wardrobe as tight and skimpy as she pleases, I'm thinking about covering the October 8th Concordia-McGill women's hockey season opener and conducting my postgame locker room interviews dressed in a form-fitting leopard print unitard. I'm sure no one will have a problem with that; after all, I am a professional.

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