Monday, November 29, 2010

Calvillo, the Grey Cup and other Monday Morning Musings

Win or lose last night, Anthony Calvillo had already carved his niche as one of the greatest quarterbacks in CFL history, but an important part of his football legacy was still on the line. This was Calvillo's eighth trip to the Grey Cup, and he had only won two of the previous seven - one of which was gift-wrapped by the infamous too-many-men-penalty that was Saskatchewan's undoing against the Alouettes one year ago. The Grey Cup had provided little in the way of Calvillo's best moments, and another loss last night would have been unfortunate fodder for a legitimate debate over his credentials as a championship quarterback. Happily, on a night when he wasn't at his very best, Calvillo showed the mark of a true champion by overcoming adversity and finding a way to win...Saskatchewan lineman Marc Parenteau's football-as-a-beer-bottle act was the best end zone celebration I've seen this year, in any league...Nice job by Santa Claus and his buddies covering those old BTO songs at halftime....The only reason the Canadiens salvaged two out of four points over the weekend is that Buffalo was as bad at the Bell Center Saturday as the Canadiens were Friday in Atlanta. Backup goaltender Alex Auld deserved a lot better against the Thrashers in only his second start of the season...My 11 year old son wants one of those Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic throwback jerseys for Christmas. I was his age when the expansion Penguins first wore those jerseys and we thought they were butt ugly. Amazing how much better powder blue looks on Sidney Crosby in 2010 than it did on Les Binkley in 1968.

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