Monday, November 22, 2010

Chew THAT (and other Monday Morning Musings)

Before the Alouettes destroyed the Argonauts in yesterday's CFL Eastern final, Toronto's Adriano Belli said there are two things the Argos do well: kicking ass and chewing bubblegum, and that they were out of bubblegum. Well, Belli and his buddies had better load up on the Hubba Bubba, because their ass kicking days are over. Pyschologically speaking, the Argos had to give themselves a chance going in, and I realize Belli is a competitive and colorful guy, but that kind of trash talk is just asking for trouble...Meanwhile, it says a lot about Saskatchewan's resolve and resiliency that the Roughriders are back in the Grey Cup a year after gift-wrapping the championship for the Alouettes with a too-many-men penalty. Lesser teams would take years to recover from that kind of monumental blunder...Pat Burns would have liked that hockey game at the Bell Center Saturday. Whether or not it had anything to do with the raw emotion in the building the day after Burns' passing, the Canadiens and Leafs put on a show that would have done the former coach of both franchises proud...Despite limited ice time and almost exclusive fourth line presence, Lars Eller is getting better with every game, and it would be nice to see his playmaking skills put to work on the Canadiens' second line. It's not as if Scott Gomez is getting the job done...Can the Bell Center mouth-breathers not come up with a wittier chant than "Leafs suck"? I've heard more clever putdowns in the bout de chou at my daughter's daycare...They won't be saying SOO-ban in Philadelphia tonight - they'll be booing.

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