Friday, November 26, 2010

The forgotten Canadien

Alex Auld has accomplished something that they said couldn't be done: he's become anonymous as a member of the Montreal Canadiens. In a city where the third line right winger can't go out in public without attracting a mob of admiring fans, Auld can walk the streets virtually if not literally unmolested. It's not that people aren't aware of who Auld is - they just don't know what he looks like. As the backup to Carey Price, Auld has only appeared in one game this season, and he spent the entire game wearing a mask. Other than that, his TV face time has been limited to fleeting glimpses of Auld on the end of the bench during Joel Bouchard's ice level cut-ins on RDS. It's neither a glamorous nor an especially rewarding role, but Auld is a well-travelled veteran professional who understands and embraces his place in the scheme of things, as much as it can be embraced. So, when Auld gets the start in Atlanta tonight for just the second time in 22 games so far this season, if he gets a close-up during the national anthems or while drinking from his water bottle after a whistle, make sure you take a good look. It could be a while before you see him again.

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  1. Only on the CBC are the anthems shown. The bastards at TSN run commercials during the anthems, and RDS would NEVER play Oh Canada, it would be a humiliation, s'il vous plait....