Monday, November 1, 2010


TSN hockey analyst Pierre McGuire had a radical suggestion last week for getting the Canadiens struggling power play untracked - put 6 foot 7 inch, 240 pound defenceman Hal Gill at forward as a much-needed big body presence in front of the net. McGuire might be on to something, but it doesn't necessarily have to be Gill running interference down low. At 6-2 and 200, Lars Eller is plenty big with good hands to boot, and giving the gifted rookie some power play time might get him some points and feed his confidence...Just as a reminder that Stanley Cups aren't won in early-to-mid October: after opening the season with four straight wins, the Toronto Maple Leafs have dropped five of their last six - including back-to-back shutout losses in their last two games - and scored a total of seven goals in that six game stretch. Those are the Leafs we know and love to hate...Someone forgot to tell Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton about baseball's time-honored percentage principle, which holds that lefthanded hitters are at a significant disadvantage against lefthanded pitchers. The left-hitting Hamilton has four home runs against four different southpaws in the 2010 playoffs. Percentage THAT...I know it was within the rules and that it's probably happened before at some level of Canadian football, but the bizarre finish to the Alouettes win in Toronto Friday marked the first time I can recall seeing a football game settled by an impromptu round of human Pong.

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