Monday, November 15, 2010


As recently as two seasons ago, there was considerable debate over whether Tomas Plekanec was a legitimate number two center for the Canadiens. Today, he's not only their undisputed number one center, but their most consistent and productive player at any position. Saturday's four point outburst against Carolina was another demonstration that the substantial fortune invested in re-signing Plekanec was money well-spent...Andrei Markov's latest injury paves the way for Alexandre Picard's well-deserved return to the Canadiens lineup. Picard was a team-leading plus 7 when the numbers game forced him into the press box after Markov's first comeback from knee surgery...It's amazing how replacing one guy made all the difference for the Dallas Cowboys. They must be kicking themselves for not having started Jon Kitna ahead of Tony Romo coming out of training camp. Seriously, though, the beatdown Dallas laid on the heavily-favored Giants yesterday was as much an indictment of the extent to which they quit on Wade Phillips as it was a measure of their enthusiasm for new head coach Jason Garrett...I get that religious sensibilities forbid Formula One from supplying champagne for the podium ceremony at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but could they not at least have provided a carbonated non-alcoholic beverage instead of flat water to celebrate a world championship? For that matter, if they were that concerned about catering to local custom, they should have furnished the top three finishers with magnums full of crude oil.

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