Thursday, November 18, 2010

Subban rattling cages

Given 24 hours and change to cool down and reflect, one wonders whether Philadelphia's Mike Richards might soften his tone vis a vis Canadiens defenceman PK Subban.
What's interesting about Richards' post-game tirade after the Habs shut out the Flyers at the Bell Center Tuesday is that he didn't go off on Subban for anything Subban said - and the rap on Subban to this point has been that he talks too much on the ice - the Flyers captain said "You can't just come in here as a rookie and play like that."
Play like what? Like a rookie of the year frontrunner and future Norris Trophy candidate? My guess is Richards thinks Subban is showboating when he rags the puck and makes his patended spin move, but that's just the way Subban plays the game. He also appears to have dialed back his chat level in favor of letting his play do the talking, but that shouldn't and hasn't stopped Subban from sticking his nose into a scrum when the situation warrants.
Richards and the Flyers weren't as offended by Subban Tuesday as they were rattled and frustrated. They should do themselves a favor and focus on revising their approach for next Monday's rematch in Philadelphia, because threats and whining don't make for much of a game plan.


  1. Seems like Richards might be just a tad envious and realizes that a potential "Flyers vs Habs" playoff series could have a far different result this season.

  2. I think it's awful for players to be threatening each other outright like that. Threatening injury should not be an "explicit" part of the game.