Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last laugh to Lebron (and other Monday morning musings)

Say what you will about Lebron James, but the guy was at his superhuman best amid a lot of hostility last week, scoring a season-high 38 points for Miami in his first game in Cleveland since leaving the Cavaliers to sign as a free agent with the Heat. It's that much more impressive when you consider the logistics of a basketball court, where the fans are literally within a few feet of the players, with no plexiglass to muffle the taunts or deflect the projectiles...If the Canadiens can bench their best defenceman and win two in a row, imagine the potential for runaway success if they banished their highest-paid player to the press box. Seriously, I know P.K. Subban made a couple of costly mistakes against Edmonton last Wednesday, but at least he cares. How does Subban get pulled from the lineup for two games after giving it everything he's got, while Scott Gomez goes through the motions and keeps playing?...It tells you everything you need to know about what makes Montreal a hockey city and not a baseball town when a Canadiens oldtimers game draws what would have been considered a respectable crowd for the Expos...How good is Team Canada going to be at the 2014 Winter Olympics? Either Sidney Crosby or Steven Stamkos is going to get Taylor Hall as his left winger, and the consolation prize for whomever doesn't get Hall will be Rick Nash...Maybe it's desert heat that makes football figures in Arizona delirious. Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson's "this isn't funny" tirade after last Monday night's loss to San Francisco was only marginally less loopy than then-coach Dennis Green's "the Bears are who we thought they were" outburst in 2006. The upside of going crazy in Arizona is that you can sleep outside at night without freezing to death.

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