Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vikings schmikings and other Monday morning musings

The collapse of the Minneapolis Metrodome roof in the middle of the night wasn't just fate's way of making sure no one got hurt. It was also the football gods telling the Vikings they should never have turned their back on tradition by playing indoors. The pre-dome Vikings were cold weather warriors who honored their Nordic namesakes by prevailing under harsh winter conditions against opponents who were sometimes so paralyzed by the weather that they had nothing left for football. It's an advantage that other Snow Belt teams haven't abandoned, which makes a December visit to Chicago, Green Bay or New York to face the Bears, Packers or Giants a much more daunting prospect than a room temperature road game against the Minnesota Shut-Ins...Canadiens rookie P.K. Subban wasn't the same player in back-to-back losses in Detroit and Toronto that he was before being benched for three games, and the change wasn't for the better. Stripped of his swagger and self-confidence, Subban went from being favorably compared to a young Chris Chelios to being just another mistake-prone rookie defenceman. He was tentative in the defensive zone, hesitant to rush the puck and didn't make any of his patented spin-o-ramas, even though a neutered dog usually turns around two or three times before he lies down and goes to sleep...Older generations of fans who caught the ceremonial opening faceoff Saturday probably noticed that 86 year old Leafs legend Johnny Bower hasn't aged a bit, mainly because he looked like he was 86 when he was still playing...Anybody else find it ironic that a thousand Nordiques fans held up English signs on Long Island inviting the Islanders or the Atlanta Thrashers to move to Quebec?...No truth to the rumour that Wayne Gretzky got turned away from Saturday's UFC after party at the Mise au Jeu because Dana White didn't recognize him.

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