Monday, January 31, 2011

Whither Crosby and other Monday morning musings

The deep pool of talent in the NHL went a long way towards making All Star weekend a success in the absence of the game's best player, but it didn't make Sidney Crosby any less conspicuous by his absence. Crosby was having one of the best seasons of any player in recent memory when he was sidelined indefinitely by an entirely unnecessary and avoidable blindside blow to the head on New Year's Day. Like Wayne Gretzky a quarter century ago, Crosby is the undisputed face of the league, understands his place in the scheme of things and conducts himself accordingly for the betterment of the sport. That the NHL continues to pussyfoot around the head shot issue after watching its most visible and valuable commodity taken out by a dirty hit is almost beyond belief...Good for P.K. Subban for staying true to his exuberant self and putting on a show at the All Star skills competition despite frequent criticism for being cocky and disrepectful. Subban says borrowing Carolina rookie Jeff Skinner's Hurricanes jersey for the shootout was Dan Boyle's idea, or as the 21 year old Subban called the 34 year old Sharks defenceman, "Mr. Boyle." Yeah, that's pretty disrespectful...Ben Cahoon's retirement from the CFL last week was like everything else in Cahoon's career: elegant, classy and understated. Quarterback Anthony Calvillo showed some class of his own by waiting 48 hours before announcing that he would be back with the Alouettes, allowing a two day window for the spotlight to focus on Cahoon, who was always worthy of far more than the amount of attention he sought or received...Nothing against 2011 Australian Open men's singles champion Novak Djkovic and runner-up Andy Murray, but as a casual tennis observer, I feel shortchanged any time Roger Federer doesn't make it to a Grand Slam final. The creepy middle-aged man part of me feels the same way about Maria Sharapova.

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