Monday, February 28, 2011

Andrei the Giant Underachiever and other Monday morning musings

Awfully decent of Andrei Kostitsyn to show up two days before the trade deadline. Kostitsyn's stellar performance in the Canadiens' win over Carolina Saturday was as confounding as it was exhilarating, because it makes you wonder for the hundredth or so time why he can't bring it like that every game. Even in his contract year, Kostitsyn's been mailing it in more often than not. It's a terrible waste of talent from a guy who's got the physical goods to be an elite power forward, but has a disconnect somewhere between his heart and the rest of his body...After adding the lead-footed Brent Sopel to a blueline corps that already included Hal Gill and Paul Mara, the Canadiens are officially a Gerald Diduck comeback away from having the slowest defence in the history of the NHL...Baseball Hall of Famer Duke Snider was Dave Van Horne's broadcast partner for fewer than half of the Expos' 36 seasons, but for Montrealers who came of age in the team's golden era from the mid-to-late 1970s into the early 80s, the legendary Brooklyn Dodger was as much a part of Montreal's summer soundtrack as Van Horne himself. Snider's passing on the weekend was yet another wistful reminder of how good Montreal baseball fans had it before the Expos were run into the ground by the likes of Claude Brochu, Bud Selig, Jeffrey Loria and David Samson....At the risk of insulting basketball fans and Irishmen everywhere, I find the Boston Celtics road uniforms to be shockingly unattractive. Short pants and tank tops in full-on kelly green might be de rigeur for a leprauchan, but they wouldn't flatter Shaquille O'Neal if you threw in the pot o' gold hat, shillelagh and a bowl of Lucky Charms.

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