Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gomez poster boy for a wider malaise

The next time the gang gathers 'round the water cooler to group-trash Scott Gomez, how about saving some breath for some of the Canadiens' other overpaid, say, Brian Gionta, who has more points than Gomez but fewer than Sergei Kostitsyn? I'll say that again: even with the goal he scored last night, Brian Gionta has fewer points this season than Sergei Kostitsyn. So, for that matter, does everyone else on the Canadiens except Tomas Plekanec and James Wisniewski, and the Wiz racked up the bulk of his points with the gawd-awful Islanders. There's no question that on a bang-for-the-Canadiens-buck basis, Gomez is the biggest underachiever of the bunch, but for five million dollars a year, it's fair to expect more out of Gionta than 32 points in 61 games. Same goes for Mike Cammalleri, who checks in at 6 mil a year, and has only been marginally more productive than Gionta. If the rationalization is that they're handcuffed by Jacques Martin's system, then that's an argument that has to be applied to Gomez as well. I'm not defending the guy. Anyone who's making 8 million dollars while on pace for a 9 goal season with a minus 17 rating in a system that preaches defence first is beyond defending. Gomez has earned every brickbat thrown his way, but it's not fair that he takes all the heat while others get a free ride.

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  1. Ted, Gomez has not been an underachiever this season but also for 2 seasons in a row. 16Mil over 2 years and how many points/per $ ratio does that make ? Yep you guess it, not even closely enough.

    So before pointing fingers at other habs, why don't you continue to look at the most overpaid underachiever the habs ever had in there history, GOMEZ !!!!