Friday, February 25, 2011

Same Auld story for Habs

What is there to say about the Canadiens backup goaltending situation, except "Next!"? Alex Auld isn't getting it done, and it's not as if there's a lot to get done when you're playing behind a workhorse like Carey Price. Auld was chased last night for the second time in his last four starts, giving up three goals on just nine shots in 13 minutes, against the lowly Leafs, no less. Two of the goals were scored on Toronto power plays, but conventional hockey wisdom dictates that in order to be successful, you need your goaltender to be your best penalty killer, and Auld was not that against the Leafs.
After being the Canadiens best player in back-to-back losses in Calgary and Edmonton and a hard-fought, emotional win in Vancouver, Carey Price deserved and needed a night off. Alex Auld couldn't give it to him at a time when Price could benefit hugely from an opportunity to mentally and physically recharge for the playoffs. It's been apparent all season that the Canadiens are only going to go as far as Price carries them. That's a heavy enough burden without being called on to bail out the guy who's supposed to have your back.


  1. Carey is 23 years young he didn't need a night off from playing hockey. Anyone who's played goal will tell you its no fun at all to sit on the bench no matter who you are. Martin should of started Price, they're best player.

  2. I guess a workhorse is what you get when you put a 'thoroughbred' in the doghouse during the playoffs.

    To be honest, I prefer workhorse Price to his previous incarnation.