Monday, February 14, 2011

What's a Joffrey? (and other Monday morning musings)

Random observations from section 108 at the Bell Center Saturday: Who are these Leafs? At least when Toronto had Ed Belfour, Tie Domi and Darcy Tucker, you knew who to hate. The current Leaf roster is stacked with no-names like Rosehill, Crabb and Aulie, who sound more like a Vaudeville trio than they do hockey players...This hasn't been a stellar season for Jaroslav Spacek and he's read and heard all about it, so it's only fair to acknowledge that he was rock solid Saturday. Better late than never for Spacek, whom the Habs need to lift his game a notch or three for the stretch run to the playoffs and beyond...I've become the hockey fan I loathed at the dawn of the Blackberry era - the guy who gets great seats and then spends half the game texting. The drugstore reading glasses only add to my shame...The opposition criticism of P.K. Subban has reached the point of gratuitousness. Joffrey Lupul's bellyaching that Subban didn't take the time to remove his helmet and visor before their first period fight smacked of the same petty resentment that's followed the talented and entertaining Subban around the league this season. Lupul should concern himself with his own issues, like the fact that his parents couldn't even spell "Jeffrey."

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