Monday, March 7, 2011

Bob Cole blows and other Monday morning musings

History has taught us never to take anything involving Andrei Kostityn to the bank, but there's reason for cautious optimism after Kostitsyn ran his consecutive games point streak to six with a first period assist in the Canadiens' 4-2 win over the Lightning in Tampa Saturday. As an added bonus, the pairing of Kostitsyn with rookie Lars Eller has been an elixir of sorts for Eller, who's showing more of the poise and polish that made him a first round draft choice in 2007. It'll be interesting to see how coach Jacques Martin reacts - or overreacts - if the Kostitsyn-Eller combination goes sour for even a game or two, given that Martin changes his lines more often than most coaches change their underwear...After 40 plus years as a sports fan, the playing of the national anthem or anthems rarely even registers with me anymore, but I really liked the job Tommy Hunter and Grady from Sanford and Son did before the Canadiens game in Tampa. Ask your parents. Or your grandparents...If Victor Hedman is supposed to be the second coming of Niklas Lidtsrom, he's behind schedule. The highly-touted Tampa Bay defenceman was virtually invisible Saturday, which is a pretty neat trick when you're 6-6 and 230. In fact, Hedman's only memorable moment in his first two NHL seasons was delivering the coup de grace that put Crosby out of commission long-term. Mind you, Carey Price was delayed in playing up to his potential, and he's certainly been worth the wait...Hockey Night in Canada windbag Bob Cole was at his blowhard worst Saturday, delivering this head-shaker - among others - after Dwayne Roloson robbed Brian Gionta with the Habs leading 2-0: "Maybe that'll get the Lightning fired up, pardon the pun." Uh, that's not a pun, Bob, or if it is, it's a bad one. You might have wanted to go with "get the Lightning charged up" or "put a jolt into the Lightning" or "I'd like to take this opportunity to announce my long overdue retirement."

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